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Six Unexpected Uses for a Car Title Loan

Six Unexpected Uses for a Car Title Loan

Get the Cash You Need with a Title Loan from Select Title Loans in Florence, AL

vacation money from car title loans Don’t have the cash for that big move to your dream home? How about that deck you’ve always wanted, just in time for warmer weather? A car title loan can make it happen, and quickly! Pleasure travel, home remodeling, weddings, starting a new business, and many other needs can be satisfied right away with a car title loan. And the application process is easy! You just need to show proof of ownership for a car, truck, or motorcycle and proof of employment. Just like that, the money is right around the corner.

How Does a Car Title Loan Work?

First, you need to find the right institution to offer you this kind of short-term loan. Look for a bank or other financing company that specializes in title loans, low credit lending, personal loans, or short-term lending. Assuming you own a vehicle, to get the biggest possible loan amount with the least amount of hassle, prioritize car title loans over other options. Having found a suitable loan institution (like Select Title Loans!), your car title, a photo ID, proof of insurance, and proof of a steady source of income is needed. The original title with no lien will get you started. A driver’s license will do just fine for the photo ID. Proof of insurance is usually done with a copy of the policy or a summary card that most keep in their wallet or glove compartment. Lastly, proof of a steady source of income can be a recent pay stub, a letter from your employer, or other evidence showing a constant cash flow for the duration of the loan. Alternative forms of regular cash flow can include many things, from documentation proving annuities, to court documents showing alimony conditions, to payments from long-term investments or legal settlements, and more. The number and types of documents vary depending on the loan institution’s requirements. After you’ve got all your documents in order, your car needs to be brought in to our Florence, AL location for inspection and documentation review. Once approved, you get the cash, keep the car, and the fun can begin!

How Much Money Can I Get with a Title Loan?

Different loan institutions have different policies. It depends on the value of the vehicle and your ability to repay the loan. A general rule of thumb is that the loan can range from 25% to 50% of your vehicle’s value. For example, if your car is worth $10,000, the maximum loan amount you could receive typically ranges between $2,500 and $5,000. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the average loan amount for a car title loan is between $100 and $5,500; however, some financial institutions loan up to $10,000.

Possible Uses for Car Title Loans

OK, so now you have extra money burning a hole in your pocket. What do you use it for? There are an infinite number of ways to spend it, of course. A few things we recommend you spend it on are travel, home improvements, moving, weddings, and starting a new business. Travel If you’re brave enough to travel during these uncertain times, you can go just about anywhere for pretty cheap right now. Many people use credit cards for far-away vacations, but you can skip the hassle with a title loan. You’ll save yourself a boat load of interest by avoiding costly credit card interest accrual. And speaking of boats, why not book a cruise while you’re at it? Home Improvements Many people wait for years to add that deck or remodel the kitchen. Start marking things off that mile-long honey-do list! A car title loan can make any home improvement project a reality in a matter of days. Often such improvements not only offer instant gratification, but can pay off big in terms of home resale value. Moving Expenses With the mortgage rates at an all-time low, it’s no wonder people are picking up and moving right and left. However, moving is expensive, and the money for it isn’t always there. A car title loan can get you over that hump and get the move on. Weddings A parent never really knows when those wedding bells will ring in a hefty financial obligation. Others want a second wedding, since COVID threw a hitch into their first celebration, or a vow renewal (which you totally deserve if you survived months of quarantine with your spouse!). Everybody knows weddings can be very expensive, but a car title loan can let love have its way by funding a first-class wedding bash.

Starting a New Business

While it seems like a scary time to go at it on your own, depending on what you want your business to offer, starting a new company right now could be perfect timing. Of course, starting a new business requires capital and a line of credit. Even if you’re launching a service-based business, it can be very expensive. It’s tough to get started when you need tools and equipment, or anything else that entails a lot of up-front costs. A car title loan can go a long way in paying for some of these expenses and starting a line of credit.

Get Quick Cash from Select Title Loans in Florence, AL

If you’re a dreamer, you already have plenty of ideas for how you could spend a little extra cash. It could range anywhere from a new refrigerator to outfitting a personal gym. You can use a car title loan to make a major purchase where the money isn’t immediately available, or you can use it to cover any number of unexpected expenses. Get in touch with Select Title Loans today, and we’ll help you make your dream a reality.

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How Car Title Loans Can Help You Keep Your Home

How Car Title Loans Can Help You Keep Your Home

Car Title Loans are a Lifeline for Many Alabama Residents

use car title loans to avoid eviction In these unprecedented times, don't let your funds dry up. Get help fast with the convenience of title loans. Short-term loans from Select Title Loans are customized to fit your needs. We offer low credit lending and can assist you in getting the cash you need to help make your mortgage or rent payments. Don’t face the anxiety of mortgage debt recovery - our team of lenders will help you get the cash you need to keep your home. With an extension on the eviction moratorium up in the air, this is a concern for far too many Americans.

Understanding the National Eviction Moratorium

As it stands, eviction protections will end on December 31st. While there is talk of an extension, no federal law has been passed to ensure this happens. And even if it was, several states and municipalities ignored the first moratorium mandate and still allowed for evictions to happen. Don’t be left without a home. Even with the protections set in place, landlords are still finding ways to get their tenants evicted. Many are refusing to renew leases and are finding ways to evict tenants for reasons other than the non-payment of rent. While the eviction moratorium can help halt an eviction due to missed payments, it doesn’t stop your monthly rent or mortgage payments from piling up. Not only do you have months of previous payments to make, but you probably also have late fees slapped on top of that amount. Plus, in order to even find protection under the moratorium, you have to fill out accompanying paperwork and a signed affidavit proving that you have experienced financial hardship and therefore cannot make payments on your rent or mortgage. Keep in mind that a landlord can challenge any information they’re given if they suspect the tenant is not being truthful.

Receiving Help When You Need it Most

If you find yourself in need, you can check out the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This website maintains a list of organizations according to state that can provide resources. Once you find the state of Alabama, you can check out their list of rent relief programs. These programs are regulated by the National Low Income Housing Association. There are also several other tips we recommend if you find yourself in need of financial relief to keep your house: 211.org Nonprofit 211.org can help you connect with essential community services and specific financial help for pandemic assistance. You can always reach them by calling 211 from your phone if the internet is not available. JustShelter.org This website is a nonprofit that helps tenants communicate with local organizations that can help you get some food on the table and pay some bills as well. This organization also helps with emergency housing assistance. DoNotPay.com DoNotPay.com is a useful COVID-era financial relief tool that helps you identify laws, ordinances, and measures that cover rent and evictions based on a specific location. If you find that you are seriously behind on rent, it is wise to consult a lawyer so you can gain the knowledge needed to remedy the situation. Consider downsizing No one wants to move in the middle of the pandemic, but depending on the severity of your overdue payments, it may be a necessary consideration. If you cannot pay your current mortgage any longer, you can find a more affordable home or ask family and friends to lend you space in their home for the time being. Ask your landlord or mortgage lender for help Landlords and banks don’t have to be the bad guys in the story. They’re all human too and can be just as empathetic and compassionate, even if you don’t think they could be. All it takes is picking up the phone and explaining your financial hardship to them. Ask your landlord for a rent reduction if available, or see if your mortgage lender can offer you other payment options.

Car Title Loans Give You the Cash You Need

Nobody wants to lose the roof over their head. We at Select Title Loans understand that financial hardships happen to everyone. With a car title loan, you can get cash fast by offering your vehicle’s title as collateral. You can walk away with cash on the spot in as little as 30 minutes, and that money could be used for backlogged mortgage or rent payments. To learn more about the title loan application process, visit our location in Florence, AL or contact us today.

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Get Some Green with Check Advances

Get Some Green with Check Advances

Select Title Loans Check Advances Provide Fast Cash in Florence, AL

check advances for quick cash Check advances go by many names - check advance loans, payday loans, cash advance loans, etc. Regardless of what you call them, check advances are a great way for people to get money quickly when they need it. Essentially, a check advance loan is a short-term loan that’s often much easier to receive than traditional loans. While there are many short-term lenders in Florence, Select Title Loans is your best choice for Alabama payday loans. The term “check advances” is often used because the borrower is essentially getting an advance on their next paycheck, and when they get their next paycheck, they will repay this short-term loan. These loans are easier for borrowers to receive than loans from a traditional bank because they require less information, you don’t need collateral, and their approval isn’t dependent on your credit score.

Advantages of Check Advances

These loans are extremely useful for people for a variety of reasons. The first, and most relevant to today’s times, is that people can get these loans quickly. This is especially important during the pandemic, as many people continue to face financial uncertainty, and possibly unemployment. With the holiday season barely behind us, many people are finding themselves in dire financial situations thanks to increased holiday spending. Not only that, but many people have faced unexpected expenses this past year, which certainly impacts their bank balance. Don’t let these temporary circumstances turn into long-term hardships. Check advances are a great way for you to get the money you need if your paycheck isn’t going to arrive in time for you to have access to the funds required to manage your expenses. Select Title Loans can help get quick cash so you can pay bills on time, or repay others who may have loaned you money. Payday loans better equip people to deal with the harsh realities that come with unexpected expenses. An added benefit to short-term loans like a check advance is that they’re easy to get ahold of. People often go straight to a bank or other financial institution for a loan. However, individuals who’ve fallen on hard times may not qualify for a loan from a traditional lender. While banks are focused on payment history, money in your account, and credit history, short-term lenders in Florence who offer payday loans solve this issue because we look at a broader set of criteria to determine if someone can borrow money. At Select Title Loans, all we need to hand you cash on the spot is proof of steady employment and an ability to repay the advance. Yet another benefit of these loans is that there is often less paperwork. When a person gets a traditional loan from a bank or another lender, they must fill out endless paperwork, which can be stressful, difficult, and time-consuming. However, with a simple check advance loan, people can simply show proof of employment and write a check. That process is much easier than people spending hours filling out paperwork. Because we need minimal information to provide you with a paycheck advance, you can also receive these loans very quickly. You can walk away with cash within 20 minutes of walking into Florence, AL location. This is beneficial if you need quick cash for things like a surprise home repair, unexpected medical bills, paying off student loans, making timely bill payments, or recovering from excessive holiday spending.

How to Pay Back a Check Advance

Repaying a payday loan is just as simple as getting approved for one. Most low credit lenders that offer check advances, like Select Title Loans, only require that you hand them a check when you receive the loan and then pay them back either with a check or cash when you receive your next paycheck. This process is much simpler than the lengthy repayment process with most traditional lenders, which accrues thousands of dollars in interest over time. Regardless of what you need the cash for, we’re here to help you get it fast. The ease of getting approved, the simplicity of paying the short-term loan back, and the speed at which you get the cash you need are all things that make check advance loans useful for anyone who’s fallen on financial hardship this past year. Contact us today or visit us at our Florence, AL location, located at 1203 N. Wood Avenue.

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Improve Your Credit Score With These Simple Tricks

Improve Your Credit Score With These Simple Tricks

How to Get a Better Credit Score in Florence, Alabama

improve your credit score with a title loan Improving your credit score doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, people with abysmal credit do it every single day! You simply have to focus on the things you should do to protect your credit and avoid doing the things that cause your score to drop, even by just a few points. If you’re working on improving your credit, but find yourself needing extra money to cover expenses, don’t visit your local bank branch, where your credit score will take a hit just for inquiring about whether you qualify for a loan. Instead, visit Select Title Loans in Florence to get a loan that won’t negatively affect your credit score and get you out the door with cash in hand in as little as 20 minutes. While Select Title Loans handles how to get you cash fast today without hurting your credit score, you can focus on improving your credit score with these easy tricks.

Check Your Credit Report

First things first, you must know what credit score you are working with. You can get your free credit score from three major credit reporting bureaus once per year: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. You should not have to pay for these credit reports, so don’t be fooled by websites that tell you that you need to subscribe to their service to check your credit. Once you get your credit score reports, make sure to go over each one of them (from each agency) very thoroughly. Even the smallest details matter. There are some things you should be looking for, like making sure there is no incorrect information or that nothing is missing that might actually improve your credit. These are some things you should be looking for to ensure there are no discrepancies:
  • Variations of your name you’ve never gone by
  • Any addresses you’ve never lived at
  • Accounts you don’t remember having, or accounts that you know you have that aren’t listed
  • Accounts, late payments, and credit inquiries that should have fallen off your report
You should never see a car title loan inquiry on your credit report, because we don’t check your credit before issuing them. If you do see a hard loan inquiry on your report, know that it wasn’t because you borrowed a short-term loan from us. Usually, negative information, such as late payments and collections will fall off your report after seven years and inquiries will only stay on your report for one year. Make sure to highlight any mistakes, and then dispute these errors with each credit reporting bureau. A lot of Americans have errors on their credit reports that are negatively affecting their credit score. You could potentially be one of these people. Going over your credit report with a fine-tooth comb is important, and noting all of the errors is equally as important, but what do you do with that information? You can find the full list of steps you should take to correct an erroneous credit report on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website. In short, you will need to write a letter to each credit reporting bureau and attach copies of the reports, with the errors highlighted, and send it to them. The agency will respond to your disputed credit report within 30 days on average, and you could then be entitled to another free credit report. Don’t be surprised if you see your score go up rapidly after you dispute incorrect information!

Pay Every Bill on Time

Your payment history is the most important piece to keeping your credit score high. Paying bills on time helps this. Setting reminders for your bills on your smartphone or writing down due dates in a calendar you look at often can drastically help if you’ve been known to forget bill due dates in the past. If it’s an issue with cash on hand and being able to afford your bills by their due dates, setting up an emergency cash fund to keep your bills paid would be another simple trick. This is where Select Title Loans comes in handy; with the multiple options you have to get cash today and quickly, you can start setting up your emergency cash fund for “forgotten” bills you might have with the spare money you have left over after paying off your title loan.

Get Approved for a Credit Card

Getting a secured credit card is another easy way to start improving your credit score today. A secured credit card works the same way as a regular credit card, but as soon as you are approved, you will send them money to pre-fund the card. This amount of money becomes your credit limit. Or, if you have a regular credit card, you can use it to improve your credit score, too. Here are a few tips to start improving your credit score almost immediately:
  • Keep your credit utilization under 30 percent of your available limit.
  • Make frequent micropayments - like paying off your card every day after you use it, if necessary.
  • Never miss a payment or send it in late.

Avoid Unnecessary Hard Credit Inquiries

Everyone receives offers for different types of credit cards, some with very attractive benefits. Be wary, though, because inquiries for your credit score will show up on your report, therefore lowering your credit score. If you need a credit card, then you should only apply to one with the best benefits for you. Your local bank branch may even offer a credit card that can be tied to your online banking, so it is easy to pay off. Choose only one credit card, and stick with it. Pay it off every time you use it, and don’t let your balance accrue interest.

Use a Check Advance to Get Yourself Between Paychecks

Getting a check advance at Select Title Loans is simple, private, and quick (the whole process takes less than 20 minutes) to get you cash to bridge to your next paycheck. Select Title Loans never checks your credit score; your approval is based on proof of your steady employment history and your ability to pay back your loan. Your payday loan will never be reported to any major credit bureaus, so your credit score won’t be negatively affected by using a short-term loan.

How Car Title Loans Can Help Get You Cash Fast Today

If a payday loan won’t work for you right now, you can apply for a car title loan in Alabama. Bring in your car title and vehicle to Select Title Loans to get a short term loan that you will repay in 30 or 60 days. If you have a lien-free car title and need extra cash, you can get approved in under 20 minutes at Select Title Loans in Florence. Bring in your car, your car’s title, and photo ID and you will get approved based on your vehicle’s value, your cash needs, and your budget. Since you are using your car’s lien-free title as collateral, your credit won’t be checked, therefore you won’t have a hard inquiry on your credit report.

Get Your Check Advance or Car Title Loan Today

While you are working on improving your credit score, the professionals at Select Title Loan will get you the cash you need today. Get a check advance while you wait for payday, or get approved for a car title loan for extra cash in your pocket. Contact us online, come in and chat with one of our friendly financial professionals in person at 1203 N. Wood Avenue in Florence, or give us a call at 256-767-2100 to learn how you can get your car title loan from your Select Title Loans in Florence today.

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How a Title Loan Can Help You Transform Your Home

How a Title Loan Can Help You Transform Your Home

Get Cozy with Fast Cash in Florence, Alabama

title loan for home remodeling You’re on a timeline to upgrade those small parts of your home you’ve been putting off, but you’ve found that your money is a little tight right now. Still, you have no choice; maybe you’re preparing to sell, or you’ll have lots of guests over during the winter holidays. You can’t wait any longer, and even the costs of those small projects add up. Let Select Title Loans in Florence help you out! If you need cash now to start transforming your home, Select Title Loans can help by getting you a short-term loan, quickly and without hassle.

Use a Title Loan to Fund Small Improvements to Your Home in Florence, Alabama

Transforming your home does not have to cost a lot of money, nor do you need to hire an expensive contractor who will bring his crew in at great expense. You can focus on lots of small projects to upgrade your abode and remove eye sores that have been plaguing your living spaces. Get a lot of bang for your buck with these easy home improvement ideas that your car title loan from Select Title Loans can cover. Paint, Paint Everything! Painting is such an easy and budget-friendly way to refresh the look of your home, on the inside and on the outside, especially if you DIY it. Painting your front door, painting the trim around your windows, and even painting or resealing your deck or front steps can freshen up your home. On the inside of your house, the possibilities with paint are endless: cabinets, walls, accent walls, trim, and pieces of furniture that need some TLC. Because a gallon of paint can cost as little as $20, painting is one of the most affordable ways to freshen up your home and make it look cleaner; you can probably get quite a few gallons with your car title loan! Your Kitchen Backsplash Doesn’t Have to be Boring or Ugly If you’re looking to sell your home and need to do a couple of quick upgrades, adding a backsplash in your kitchen can really dress up the look of the whole room. Or, if your existing backsplash is looking gross and dated, you can add a special coat of tile paint to completely change how it looks. Hiring a pro to take care of these things can be pricey, but heading to the hardware store and getting the supplies yourself is not. When you’re done, people might call you Joanna or Chip Gaines! New Furniture and Gadgets Help Transform Your Space Whether you want to refresh your bedroom, living room, or dining room, it’s easy to do with new or new-to-you furniture. Upgrading your furniture improves the look and feel of the room, and it doesn’t have to be expensive! You can find matching furniture sets at your local Habitat for Humanity Restore, or in the scratch-and-dent section of the local furniture store. If you need a new mattress, head to the bedding store so you can get a better night’s sleep. A mattress with springs poking you in the back just won’t cut it, and an Alabama car title loan ensures you don’t have to suffer during sleep any longer. Look to the Outside When thinking about changing things in your home to make it more comfortable and suited to your style, not many think about what could be changed on the outside to add to the curb appeal, especially if you’re looking to sell your home soon. Landscaping doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. Head to your local nursery to pick out native varietals of bushes, grasses, or hedges, which are low-maintenance. Replace any broken or missing pavers or bricks, and pull weeds around your flower beds to completely change the look of the exterior of your home. You’d even be surprised at what it might do to your home value! Your Bathroom IS Important Quick bathroom updating can easily transform that space that should be peaceful, and can add a lot of value to your home. Need a new toilet? With the cash from your title loan from Select Title Loans, that’s easy to do. Even switching out faucets on your sink and bathtub are small things that make a big difference in how you feel in your bathroom and how functional it is. Lighting Makes a Big Difference If you are still stuck using that bright, uncomfortable fluorescent light in your kitchen, bathroom, or even living room, now is the time to switch it out. Under-cabinet lights are a fun way to make your kitchen brighter and more useful, while also making the lights less harsh to your eyes. Adding outdoor lighting for your backyard makes that space more useful even after the sun sets. Lighting makes a big difference in how a room appears and is such a subtle change that it’s not terribly noticeable. Changing out lights, taking away harsh overhead lighting, installing a ceiling fan, and making small lighting changes is something everyone can do to start their home transformation. Check Your Doors Even your interior or exterior doors may need a little TLC. Patch any broken hollow-core doors with drywall putty, and then paint the whole thing to match the trim in your home. This inexpensive fix will extend the life of your doors and save you about $100 per door that you’d otherwise need to replace. Check your exterior doors for any damage, too, and consider upgrading your handles or locksets to improve the look or functionality.

Get Your Title Loan Today

Don’t suffer through without the cash you need. Contact us online, come in and chat with one of our friendly financial professionals in person at 1203 N. Wood Avenue in Florence, or give us a call at 256-767-2100 to learn how you can get your car title loan from your Select Title Loans in Florence today and begin making small upgrades to your home, just in time to list it for sale or invite your family over for the holidays.

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Great Ways to Spend a Spare Grand in Florence, Alabama

Great Ways to Spend a Spare Grand in Florence, Alabama

When You Need Cash, Turn to a Car Title Loan

short term loans in Alabama Getting spare cash is easy and quick at Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama. You don’t need to have great credit to get a short-term loan; you just need your car with a lien-free title and your government-issued photo ID. With these in hand, you can get money to spend on something serious, like an unexpected bill, or something fun! Let’s brainstorm together what you could do if you had an extra $1,000, for example. Pay Off College Tuition with Fast Cash If you’re going to college, you know it isn’t cheap. If you still have some tuition that you owe for the semester, and your school is threatening to withhold your grades of next semester’s course registration, this would be a good time to pay off a nice chunk in the form of $1,000. Make Small Home Improvements with a Florence Title Loan Owning a home is great, but comes with some stresses. Whether you have an emergency maintenance issue or you just want to change out that ugly backsplash, having cash in hand now can help make those small adjustments to start turning your home into your dream home. Especially if you do-it-yourself, $1,000 can get quite a bit done around the house! Boost Your Emergency Fund Having an emergency fund is very important. Having an emergency fund right now is more important. You never know when something will arise, whether it’s a medical issue, a car issue, or as said before, a home maintenance problem, having an extra $1,000 can help alleviate some of that stress that inevitably comes with having an emergency. When you take out a car title loan, you can pay it back over the short-term. If you need cash in the emergency fund now and know you can pay off your loan quickly, it might not be a bad idea, especially if you’re anticipating needing emergency cash again in the near future. Create a Checking Account Buffer Having a little extra cash in the bank is just as important as boosting your emergency fund. By creating a checking account buffer, you’ll have cash in your account for any unexpected outings, grocery trip runs, or small self-care services like pedicures and facials. Maybe your friend sprung a baby shower or an engagement party on you, and now you have to go buy a gift to bring - or plan it! This is where that checking account buffer comes in; you know you have the money to pay for it now. Not having to wait on the next pay period alleviates a ton of stress that pops up along with those other unexpected life situations. With cash from a car title loan from Select Title Loans, you can easily create a checking account buffer as a safety net. Pay off Some Debt Maybe you have debt other than your college tuition. By having an extra $1,000 right now, you can alleviate some medical bills, your mortgage, and even that credit card debt that doesn’t seem to go away, especially if you fear falling behind on payments, or if you owe extra from your forbearance ending. Paying that debt down opens your money up to other things in the future, like taking care of the rest of your bills on time or just treating yourself to a fancy meal and a pedicure. Take Care of Your Bills by Taking Out a Car Title Loan Paying bills is something we all have to do. Imagine paying off a few bills right now and devoting your paycheck to all the other expenses you have! With a car title loan today, you can do just that, and repay it after you’ve earned a few more paychecks. Car title loans are great choices for occasionally making up the difference you need between your bills and your income. Protect Your Retirement Savings Planning for your retirement is important. When you’re in need of cash, it can be tempting to withdraw some from your 401(k). However, you’ll have to pay a hefty penalty if you do this before you’re of-age to retire. With extra money from taking out a title loan, you can avoid mucking up your retirement savings so that you can be more financially fit when you’re ready to resign and relax in your golden years. Invest in Yourself Investing in yourself can come in many forms. Investing in some online course to further your future in your job, taking time off work for mental health, or taking yourself on vacation are many ways to invest in yourself. With extra cash, this makes taking off work or taking some night classes very simple and stress free. Mental health is often overlooked when it comes to investments. It shouldn’t be. Keeping your mental health… well, healthy, should be at the top of your to-do list. Just like grandma says, “If I don’t have my health, I don’t have anything.” Taking time off work or taking yourself on a short weekend vacation for a mental reset is just as important as planning for your retirement or paying down debt because it prevents burnout so you can keep hustling. Let Select Title Loans help. Invest in Your Child’s Education Now is the time more than ever to start investing in the future of your kids (if you have them or are going to have them, of course). By having extra cash in hand now, you can start getting a jumpstart on your kids’ future. Even if they choose to not further their education, saving now for them helps in other aspects of their lives including schooling, a retirement fund, or even buying their own house. You may also need to upgrade your family’s computer system or purchase other school supplies, particularly if your child is participating in virtual learning this school year. If this is the case, a car title loan can help you afford these big-ticket items and pay them off over time.

How Does a Car Title Loan Work?

Now that you have a few ideas of how a spare $1,000 could help you, let’s discover how a car title loan actually works. Car title loans are the perfect short-term loan option when you need a small amount of cash, even if you don’t have good credit. Unlike traditional bank loans, where you might be secretly judged for needing to borrow as little as a couple hundred dollars, car title loans use your vehicle as collateral, rather than holding your credit score for ransom. You simply need to prove that you own your car outright and possess a lien-free title to it, and you can borrow money against the value of your vehicle. In this way, your car becomes the collateral for the loan. Our friendly loan experts will evaluate your car while you complete a super quick application, which you can even do in advance online. Your loan value that you will receive is based on your cash needs, your budget, and the value of your vehicle. Once everything is approved, you will walk out of our store with your cash in hand and drive away in your own car. Repaying the loan is also a very simple process. You will repay your loan within 30 or 60 days, as stated in the contract. If you need longer than the contract’s allotted time to repay, you have the option to renew and extend your repayment period. Once your loan is completely repaid, you will receive your car title back, and that’s it. How easy is that?

Why Get a Short-Term Loan from Select Title Loans?

You have a lien-free car title, and you have the budget to pay back the loan. So, why wouldn’t you take out a short-term loan when you need the extra cash? A car title loan from Select Title Loans is a hassle-free and quick solution to get the cash you need right away. We don’t know a single person who couldn’t benefit from having a way to obtain money when they need it; keep Select Title Loans in the back of your mind for those times when you do.

Get Your Cash Advance Today and Fast

Visit Select Title Loans, located at 1203 N. Wood Avenue in Florence, Alabama during our business hours to talk to one of our loan professionals. Or, if you have questions, contact us online or over the phone at 256-767-2100 to learn how you can get money quickly. We’re ready to help you get the cash you need; we’re looking forward to working for you.

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Fun Fall Activities a Payday Loan Can Cover

Fun Fall Activities a Payday Loan Can Cover

When You Need Fast Cash in Florence, Alabama, Visit Select Title Loans

fun fall activities to use a payday loan for If the time between paychecks stretches way too long for you, now is the time to visit Select Title Loans to get your check advance today. You don’t need to have good credit to walk away with cash in hand. This short-term loan option, also known as a payday loan, helps you get what you need in between paychecks, even if it’s just for the fun stuff. Getting cash in as little as 20 minutes is super simple at Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama. And this money can fund fall fun for your family. Let’s take a look at a few ideas you can do to entertain the kids, your parents, and more.

What Fun Fall Activities a Check Advance Can Cover

Honestly, what fun fall activity can’t a payday loan cover? Fall activities don’t have to break the bank, and with a quick cash payday advance loan, those activities are attainable for you today. Here are some fun fall activities that are budget friendly for that payday loan or cash advance. Visit a Pumpkin Patch Of course, fall isn’t fall without going to your local pumpkin patch. A cash advance loan will help cover the cost to get into the pumpkin patch as well as buying all those pumpkins… let’s not forget the amazing apple cider that is at every pumpkin patch! You might even want to pick up some fall decor while you’re there! Many pumpkin patches peddle handmade rustic decorations that will look great in your home until it’s time to put up your Christmas tree or menorah. Carve a Pumpkin The obvious thing to do after visiting a pumpkin patch is carving those pumpkins! Grab the pumpkins you specifically picked from the patch, your carving tools (which often come as in inexpensive set so you don't have to use your good kitchen utensils), and your design choice (unless you’re flying by the seat of your pants and going for more of a Picasso style carving). You can even host an impromptu carving contest between the members of your family, with winners like “Most Creative,” “Scariest Design,” or perhaps “Most Likely to Be Confused for a Rorschach Test.” Your family will get those creative juices flowing and have a lot of fun without you having to burn through a lot of cash. Go Leaf Peeping One of the best and most budget friendly fall activity is looking at the fall foliage as it turns vibrant colors. You can either load up in the car or go on a neighborhood walk and check out the fabulous colors, an array of greens, browns, reds, and golds. While you’re on your walk, you can even snag some of the leaves and make some fun leaf art at home so you can keep a little piece of fall all year round. Or, wrap a piece of masking tape inside out around your kids’ wrists, so they can make nature bracelets with the smaller leaves they find along their walking path. Enjoy a Hay Ride If “hayrides” don’t scream “fall” then we don’t know what does! Going on a hayride with the family or just your partner is a fun way to cozy up and check out the changing colors of the trees around you. Getting extra fast cash in Florence, Alabama to cover the cost of hayrides and refreshments like hot cocoa or hot cider takes some of the stress out of planning fall activities, especially those that involve packing the family up and taking them on a fun hayride. Venture Further and Go Camping Camping might be the most expensive fall activity on this list, but it’s still super budget friendly if you do it right. Fall is also the best time to go camping; it’s not hot as heck outside, nor is it too cold to spend the night outdoors. One of the better parts of camping during the fall, though, is the lack of bugs! Camping is a good bonding activity for you and your family or partner, and also puts you back into nature, away from the stressors of modern-day life. To keep camping budget-friendly, borrow a tent from friends if you don’t already own one, and cook easy meals over the campfire, like burgers or hobo dinners, which use aluminum foil to hold a mixture of meat, cheese, and veggies together as they roast over the open fire. Cheer For Your Favorite Football Team Even when stadiums are open for fans, it’s always so crowded and expensive to eat and drink there. So, why not have a tailgate at home? Grab a few of your friends and host a small tailgate in your driveway with the game on the big screen in the garage. With your payday advance cash, you can get all the supplies to make the snacks and drinks needed to get your game day going: think chips, salsa, wings, sliders, and more. You might even want to grab a new jersey of your favorite rookie this season. Spend Some Time in the Kitchen Using that payday loan cash that’s burning a hole in your pocket for pie making or seasonal drink making is the perfect excuse to hole up in your cozy kitchen. There’s a lot of great produce that is available for fall pies, cozy fall drinks, and of course, soups! Reward your cooking spree by serving your family the fruits of your labor, and freeze any leftover soup for later in the fall for a day you don’t feel like cooking. Just pull it out of the freezer, drop it into a pot, and turn on the stove. You’ll be ready for dinner in no time at all. Pro tip: have your family clean up after you cook. You deserve it! Host a Spooky Movie Marathon Just like with game day, hosting a scary movie marathon might be the fun fall activity that will keep you out of the expensive movie theaters and away from the crowds. Pick out some fun movies and make some movie-themed snacks to get your party started today. If you don’t already own the movies on DVD, you can rent them from your favorite streaming service, or purchase them at a discount at your favorite big box retailer. A spooky movie marathon doesn’t cost much, so if you have excess money from your payday loan that you got for another expense, this is a fun activity you can do with it. Visit an Apple Orchard Going apple picking is another super budget friendly fall activity that you can enjoy alone or with close friends and family. Bundle up in your favorite flannel and boots, and head to the local orchard, where you can choose apples that will make your pie, caramel apples, or daily snacks even more special. We recommend not purchasing apple varieties you can find in your local grocery store, and instead spring for hybrids that are only available at the orchard. In Florence, Alabama, you can find apples like the Cumberland Spur, Arkansas Black, Lodi, Ozark Gold, or Mollies Delicious. The orchard staff can help you choose the best type of apple for how you’ll be using it. Apple orchards also sell snacks, like apple cider doughnuts and other treats, so bring some extra money so you can enjoy these delicacies during your visit.

How Fast Cash with a Payday Loan Works

A steady employment history and the ability to pay us back is all you need to get started on your check advance today. All information you share with us is kept private, it is even kept private from your bank and your employer. You don’t need good credit to get a check advance today since your loan is not based on your credit score. Select Title Loans verifies your income from the pay stubs you will provide when you apply for your payday loan. Your payday loan is also never reported to any of the major credit bureaus, so this will not affect your credit score because you used Select Title Loans’ short-term loan services. All you need to apply for a short-term loan with Select Title Loans is a government-issued photo ID; proof that you have an open and active checking account, such as a bank statement; your most recent pay stubs; and a personal check that will serve as collateral for your loan.

How to Get Your Payday Loan Today

The great thing about traditional autumn activities is that they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. But we understand that cash can get tight, especially with the state of the world today, thanks to coronavirus. In order to get cash in your pocket today, simply visit Select Title Loans to apply for a check advance by completing our short loan application. Once approved, you’ll write us a personal check for the amount of your loan, plus interest, which we’ll hold as collateral. When your payday arrives, you’ll repay the loan and fee, and your personal check will be returned to you, or you can use that check as your payment. Getting a payday advance in Florence is one of the simplest ways of getting fast cash, and Select Title Loans is here to help you do it quickly.

Begin Planning Your Fall Escapades Today

Contact us online, come in and chat with one of our friendly financial professionals in person at 1203 N. Wood Avenue in Florence, or give us a call at 256-767-2100 to learn how you can get your check advance payday loan from your Select Title Loans in Florence today. Cash today equals fall fun today!

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Discover the Top 5 Benefits of Payday Loans in Florence, Alabama

Discover the Top 5 Benefits of Payday Loans in Florence, Alabama

These Short-Term Loans for People with Bad Credit Can Help You Master Your Finances

Alabama payday loans Payday loans are easy to get - but that’s not even one of the top five benefits of getting a check advance. There are lots of ways to get caught up on your bills, and getting approved for fast cash from a title loan or payday loan has several benefits that can help you master your finances like a pro. Let Select Title Loans at 1203 N. Wood Ave. in Florence help you with the details.

You Don’t Need to Borrow Money from a Friend or Relative

Money is a hot topic. Borrowing money is an even hotter topic. It’s a pretty widely-accepted rule that borrowing money from friends or family can lead to bad blood between you. Typically, that’s because money is loaned and not paid back in an expected manner, perhaps due to a lack of communication prior to the lending, or maybe just not paying back the money on time. It could be because you thought that you paid everything back in a timely manner, but the lending party expected it much sooner. Whatever the reason, getting money involved with a friend or family member is too risky. Why risk it? Keep those close relationships solid by taking the initiative to secure your own quick cash. Taking out a short-term loan like a check advance can keep money out of your holiday conversations and help you focus on what’s important, like spending time with family and helping to take care of loved ones.

Check Advances Cover Between Paycheck Expenses

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you aren’t alone. It’s way more common in Florence, Alabama, than you think. Because we’re at the mercy of our employers to administer paychecks every few weeks, and our bills always seem to be due at the same time, we typically have to wait until our next payday or work additional hours. Payday loans can help you cover the cost of expenses between those paydays. Payday loans are short-term loans that you qualify for by proving that you have steady employment, and then pay back as soon as you receive your next paycheck. Bills, groceries, and unexpected expenses don’t wait until you get paid - costs can come at any time, and you may not always have the money in the bank. You know that next paycheck is coming, but unfortunately bills need to be paid now. When you need cash now, and can’t wait until payday - a payday loan from Select Title Loans could be the solution for you.

Payday Loans Don’t Require Long-Term Commitment

Payday loans are meant to cover expenses between pay days. How often do you get paid? Weekly, biweekly, monthly? Many times, in the case of an emergency cash need, you can’t wait until you get your next paycheck. Maybe you need to cover an emergency home or car expense to continue going to work, or to keep your family safe. Perhaps a medical bill came in that you weren’t accounting for when paying bills the previous pay period. That’s ok. Things happen when we’re least expecting it - and that’s where payday loans come in handy. A payday loan is meant to be fast cash when you need it, to be paid back on your next payday, or possibly later depending on the due dates discussed during your payday loan process. Traditional loans require long-term commitments, and long-term impacts on your credit; having access to quick cash and committing to only a short-term loan is a large advantage of check advances, like a payday loan from Select Title Loans.

Borrow Only What You Need

Traditional loans often encourage borrowers to take out larger dollar amounts, since each loan you apply for requires a hard check on your credit. Credit bureaus, like Experian or TransUnion, don’t advise borrowers to have hard credit checks too often, because it can negatively impact your credit score. But, paying back that larger amount can be tough - especially if you’re an average person living paycheck to paycheck. With a check advance, you can borrow a couple hundred dollars or several thousand, depending on your needs. This will allow you to immediately cover your cash needs, while not putting you in the hole for a long period of time. And borrowing only a small amount is much less nerve-racking than having to ask the bank for thousands of dollars because they have a minimum they require you to borrow.

Requesting a Check Advance Won’t Hurt Your Credit Score

When borrowing a small amount of money through a payday loan in Florence, Alabama, you can feel more confident that you can pay it off on time. Because you’ll feel more confident in getting your loan paid off quickly, you’ll feel more confident in managing your money. Plus, you can continue to take out bad credit loans like a payday loan as many times as you need without negatively impacting your credit score. Unlike a traditional loan, payday loans don’t require any credit check at all. Even if your credit history isn’t perfect, you can still qualify for one of these flexible loans.

PayDay Loan Advantages Are the Right Choice When You Need Fast Cash

There are several advantages to payday loans from Select Title Loans that could mean they’re the right choice for you! A check advance doesn’t damage your credit score and can come with a flexible payment plan to help you through a tough financial time while you’re between paychecks. When you and your family need money the most, check out the quick cash options from Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama.

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How to Pay Your Bills with No Money in the Bank This Fall

How to Pay Your Bills with No Money in the Bank This Fall

A Florence, Alabama Car Title Loan Will Cover Expenses You Accrue

pay bills with title loan It’s the time of year when the expenses start to add up. It starts with back-to-school costs, and then moves into the holidays, and those are just the controllable expenses. With the bills and list of daily necessities you must buy flooding in, you find yourself looking for some sort of relief and assistance. If you had to stretch your paycheck to make ends meet because of COVID-19, you are especially familiar with how tight money has been this year. Getting a car title loan from Select Title Loans can help you get relief from surprise bills, seasonal expenses, or important purchases.

School Expenses Covered with a Title Loan

In Florence, Alabama, school looks a little different this year, but that doesn’t change the list of supplies that your student will need to succeed. Making sure your child has everything they need for school is a way to help make the year feel as normal as possible. Especially if you have multiple children in your care, you’re probably going to spend quite a bit of money over the course of the school year, especially if your students need technology, like laptops or tablets. One computer just won’t cut it, so you’ll need to get enough so every child has one. A used laptop is much more affordable than a new one, but even so, you could still be looking at up to $800 for just one, depending on the brand and its specs. This cost doesn’t even include standard software your child may need, like a word processing program or slideshow creator. You may also need help with covering the cost of traditional, basic school supplies, like notebooks, folders, art supplies, and more. If you have older students, college preparation tests, textbooks, and tuition and fees are even more pricey than your students in elementary and middle school will face. Scholarships sometimes don’t even begin to cover tuition and fees, but you know the value of an education and will do anything to make sure your child gets one! If you have a tuition bill due, but don’t have quite enough money to cover it, a quick cash loan can help you as your student takes the next step in their process of lifelong learning.

Pay Down Holiday Expenses Using a Bad Credit Loan

With holidays just around the corner, you’re bound to spend more money than you normally would with your monthly budget. And we have three big ones right in a row: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. For Halloween, you might want to decorate your house so make the holiday more special for your children, whose trick or treat outing may be quite different this year, thanks to the novel coronavirus. If you’re still planning on going door-to-door or participating in some other form of socially-distant Halloween, a costume is a necessity. If you aren’t creative and crafty, you will need to buy a costume, which can cost you upwards of $50 per child, depending on the kind of goblin, ghoul, princess, or hero they choose to be. For Thanksgiving, not only do you have to plan for the expense of a traditional family dinner, but you may also need to decorate your dinner table or travel to meet up with other family members. With gas exceeding two dollars a gallon in most places across the country this fall, filling your tank will cost you a pretty penny! And finally, the pièce de résistance: Christmas or Hanukkah. The tree, the menorah, the lights, the gifts … all must have the sparkle and glow we expect of these holidays. If you’re hosting any sort of festive event, planning to give gifts to the people who mean the most to you, or intend to enjoy a vacation over the winter holidays, then you can anticipate some long shopping receipts with multiple-digit totals at the bottom of them. Suffice it to say that you’ll be spending a lot regardless of how thrifty you are. Just this one holiday can leave your financials in a mess! The good news is that even procrastinators who have bad credit can get fast cash for the holidays with a car title loan. There are very few requirements you’ll have to meet to be approved, and most people walk out of Select Title Loans within 20 minutes of applying, cash in hand.

You Can Afford Unplanned Home Expenses

Home repairs fall under the uncontrollable expenses category. While you can rarely predict exactly when something in your home will break down or need professional help, you can do what you can to put a few dollars into savings each month to pay for these important fixes. And, if you perform proper maintenance on your HVAC equipment, appliances, gutters, roof, and more, you can hopefully mitigate any major expense before they ever occur. When you can’t predict the future, or despite your best efforts, something is horribly broken, a car title loan can get you the money you need to pay for the repair and get on with your life. Or, you can use a car title loan to pay for those important maintenance tasks, like calling an HVAC specialist to service your furnace before you turn it on, and having your chimney cleaned before it’s fireplace season. And should an accident happen, like a tree limb falling on your house, a car title loan can be there for you to pay an arborist to remove any additional dangerous branches from your property. They say prevention is the best medicine, but you’ve without a doubt seen someone do everything right and still get punishing amounts of bills piled onto them. When prevention fails, a Florence, Alabama car title loan prevails.

How to Get a Car Title Loan in Alabama

Conquer your finances this holiday season and beyond with a fast, easy, and convenient car title loan from Select Title Loans in Florence. Get your fast cash the same day, and take out as little money as you need, or as much as you can be approved for. And qualifying for one of these short-term loans is so easy. You don’t even need a good credit score for us to approve you. All you need to show us is:
  • Your vehicle
  • The clear car title to that vehicle, in your name
  • Your driver’s license
  • Your proof of income
We promise we’ll never check your credit, and our loan experts can walk you through every step of the process to make sure you understand all your options. So go ahead! Start planning for the holidays and know that Select Title Loans has your back. Contact us today if you have any questions, then visit us on N. Wood Ave. to apply for one of our fast and easy bad credit loans.

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How a Check Advance Can Help You Pay for School Supplies

How a Check Advance Can Help You Pay for School Supplies

Use Quick Cash in Alabama to Get What Your Kids Need

This fall, no one is completely certain of what going back to school will look like for America’s children. Some school districts have already announced that they will be requiring students to wear masks every day when they attend in-person, while others are still intending to offer online education, so students can remain at home or day care, away from large crowds in classrooms and hallways. In Florence, you’ve had virtual school options since 2013 for grades 7 to 12, but for this coming school year, the district is offering the same education to students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Whatever approach you choose to keep your child safe from coronavirus, you will still likely need to purchase school supplies to support your child’s education. Sometimes the school supply list is long and contains expensive items, especially as your kids get into higher grade levels at Florence High School, Florence Freshman Center, Kilby Laboratory School, Florence Middle School, and Hibbett Middle School. If school is about to start, but you don’t have the funds to purchase school supplies for your child, a check advance loan from Select Title Loans can help you buy them.

Payday Loans Bridge Your Paychecks

check advance for school supplies If school is about to start, but you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, a payday loan, also called a check advance, essentially gives you part of your next paycheck before payday so you have the money you need to make important school supply purchases, like scientific calculators, tablets, laptop computers, or just the basics, like notebooks, pencils, and art supplies. Even if you’ve tried hard to save money each month, the team members at Select Title Loans know that can be very difficult, especially when unexpected bills crop up, or when the things you urgently need cost more than you anticipated. That’s why our check advance program in Florence, Alabama is popular with folks like you who work hard for their money. We believe you should never have to feel severe strain between your paychecks, especially when you’ve already been putting in the work hours toward your next payday! In short, cash advances harness the value of your next paycheck to get you money you’ve already earned.

Payday Loans are Simple to Repay

Because the amount of cash you walk away with in your pocket is based on the amount of money you need for school supplies, and how much money you make from your job, payday loan amounts are very easy to pay back. When you take out a check advance with us, you will provide us with a personal check in the amount of your loan, plus reasonable interest, which we’ll hold onto as collateral. We use your personal check as collateral instead of checking your credit score, which takes a long time to do and ultimately just isn’t worth it to us. That’s because we know that our clients borrow money in good faith with the intent to pay us back, and we’re willing to work with them to set up payment plans that fit nicely into their monthly budgets. After you’ve left us your personal check, all you have to do is pay us back on your next payday. Then, we return the check you provided to us as collateral, or you can ask us to use it as our pay back, and the entire process is complete. You don’t even have to mail your payments into a strange, third-party address, and can stop into our office on N. Wood Avenue to make your short-term loan payment.

Get Cash Quickly with a Check Advance

Another reason that check advances are a great choice to help fund school supply purchases is that these loans are incredibly fast to be approved for and receive. The entire process can take as little as 20 minutes, which means even if you’re short on time before school starts, you will still be able to get everything your child needs to go back to school. To start the process, one of our financial pros will ask you a few questions to get to know you and your lifestyle a little better. Then, we’ll talk to you about your monthly budget, and what to expect from a check advance loan. All you have to do is answer our questions and provide us with your government-issued photo ID, a recent pay stub from your job, and proof that you have an open and active checking account in your name, such as a recent bank statement. It’s as simple as that!

School Supplies You Can Buy with a Payday Loan

Has your student’s teacher not yet made a school supply list, or are you planning for your child to learn remotely this school year? Here are a few basic supplies you will likely need to plan to purchase. This list is just a suggestion; there are no rules about how you can spend your check advance. And remember -- if you don’t have the funds today, a payday loan can get you what you need.
  • Dry erase markers in multiple colors and a personal-sized dry erase board
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Notebooks and folders for each subject
  • Boxes of tissues and hand sanitizer to share with the classroom
  • Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
  • Handheld pencil sharpener
  • Pencil bag
  • Ruler, protractor, and other measuring tools for mathematics
  • Art supply box
  • Lanyard for student ID
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks or liquid school glue
  • Backpack
  • Lunch box
  • School clothes and shoes
  • Scientific or graphing calculator for advanced mathematics and science classes
  • Laptops or tablets for online school work

Get Your Check Advance Today

Don’t wait until the last minute to get the money you need. Contact us online, visit us in person at 1203 N. Wood Avenue in Florence, or give us a call at 256-767-2100 to learn how you can get a check advance loan from Select Title Loans. We care deeply about the people in Florence, Alabama, and we’re ready to help them any time.

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