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Where Can I Get a Payday Loan in Alabama?

Where Can I Get a Payday Loan in Alabama?

Get a Check Advance In as Little as 20 Minutes

Americans - and people all over the world, really - have come to rely on loans to make important purchases or fund other necessities. However, traditional personal loans come with long-term payments and are hardly worth the time and hassle if you only need a few hundred dollars to get by until your next paycheck. A short-term loan is often the best choice when you need money quickly and don’t want your past credit history to influence whether you’ll receive it. One of the most common short-term loans we facilitate at Select Title Loans is a payday loan, sometimes called a check advance. Payday loans have been around for a long time, so we’re surprised when our clients come in to get money and don’t realize they’re eligible for this type of funding! Yes, Select Title Loans processes far more than car title loans.

What Do I Have to Do to Get a Payday Loan?

payday loan in Alabama Getting a check advance or payday loan in Florence, Alabama and the surrounding area is both easy and fast. Taking out a loan of this type only requires you to prove you are able to pay back the loan with your next paycheck. We sometimes require you to have an active bank account. So, if you can prove you have these things, you can take out a payday loan. However, not everyone’s situation is the same, so give us a call at 256-767-2100 so we can help you determine what you should bring to our office when you visit. In general, when you come in to apply for a loan with Select Title Loans, we’ll ask you to show us your recent pay stubs and photo ID card. We may also ask you to write a check for the loan amount, plus a loan fee. This is your collateral for the loan. Then, on your next payday, you pay us back for the amount you borrowed, plus the fee. We will always tell you exactly how much you will need to pay back on your loan. We love serving our customers in the Florence, AL area, so we continue to be transparent about our loan practices. We trust you to pay us back, so we want you to trust us to be upfront, too.

Who Can Get a Payday Loan?

We’ll help you get a loan if you’re at least 18 years of age, and can provide us with pay stubs and proof of an active bank account. You can use recent bank statements for this proof. For our payday loans, no credit check is necessary, and we never report your loan to the major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion.

How is a Payday Loan Different from a Regular Loan?

Even if you’ve struggled in the past to take out a personal loan in Alabama from a bank or credit union, you can still qualify for a check advance. That’s because these traditional lenders scrutinize your credit score when deciding if they’ll lend you money. They don’t care if you’re able to pay back the loan if they think your credit history is less than stellar. To get a payday loan, bad credit is never a problem! Their business practices also don’t take into account the fact that you work hard to earn a living, and sometimes you need a little bit of extra funding one week to take care of things. Instead, they focus on lending thousands of dollars at a time, and charging you interest over years and years, ultimately costing you thousands more! You might not realize how much you’re paying over time unless you do some complicated math or carefully read over a payment schedule. With a payday loan, we always tell you exactly how much your loan will end up costing you, including your principal and our reasonable fees. Plus, we’ll never make you lock in your loan over years! Most of our clients pay back their check advances to us within two weeks - when they get their next paycheck - but we will work with you to roll over your loan until you can pay it off.

What Should I Know About Getting a Payday Loan?

When you talk to an Alabama payday loan company, like Select Title Loans, about borrowing money, you can rest assured that we’re following all the laws and government guidance on short-term loans. It’s the right thing to do, and we think our customers deserve honesty and the best service. Before you sign documents to accept a payday loan or check advance, we’ll let you know both the annual percentage rate (APR) of your loan, and the total amount the loan will cost you until you pay it back. This will be shared with you in an easy-to-understand dollar amount. (If you go somewhere else other than Select Title Loans, and they don’t do this, you should leave immediately, and come see us instead!) The APR is how much it costs you to borrow money from us for one year, and is based on your loan amount, our fees, the duration of your loan, and the interest rate or monthly finance charge. Most people do not need more than two weeks to pay back their loan, so they are actually saving money as compared to taking out a long-term loan, and they never have to worry about the costs beyond their original loan amount.

Select Title Loans Gives Short-Term Loans Florence, AL

Great news! If you live in or near Lauderdale County in Alabama, Select Title Loans is close to you! Why waste your time filling out loan applications with banks, or feel embarrassed asking for money from friends and relatives? When you could have the money you need in as little as 20 minutes. Issuing fast payday loans same-day is our specialty. If you’re ready to take advantage of the money you’re already working to earn, come see us on North Wood Avenue to get a fast payday loan. To learn more about us, visit our website. We look forward to helping you soon!

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How Do Title and Payday Loan Companies in Alabama Determine How Much They’ll Lend?

How Do Title and Payday Loan Companies in Alabama Determine How Much They’ll Lend?

Multiple Factors Play a Role in Car Title Loans

Everything happens at once: your laptop died, your work boots fell apart, you needed an x-ray, and the electric bill skyrocketed last month. When you’re on a tight budget as it is, there’s no room for hundreds of dollars of additional charges. If your paycheck just won’t cover the money you suddenly owe, a car title loan can help bridge the gap. Car title loans allow you to get cash using your car title as collateral, but you get to keep driving your vehicle. You then make manageable payments on the loan balance. When you pay back your loan, you’ll receive your title. Your Florence, Alabama car title loan agency, Select Title Loans, takes a few factors into consideration when determining how much cash we can lend to you, either for a car title loan or for a payday loan.

Considerations for Title Loan Amounts

At Select Title Loans, our loan amounts usually range from $150 to $5,000. The loan amount is based on a few factors, including your vehicle’s value, how much money you need, and your budget. payday loan Your vehicle’s value plays a big role in determining how much money you can get with a car title loan. We take into consideration everything about your vehicle when making a determination for your loan amount, including age and condition. It sounds obvious, of course, but a car with a low value will mean your loan probably won’t be close to our maximum payout. Similarly, a valuable car that you’ve fully paid off could get you a larger loan. Even if your car is wrecked, if you can drive it to our office in Florence, AL for an evaluation, chances are you can get a title loan. We consider how much money you need before giving you a loan. We wouldn’t want you to borrow more money than is necessary, or give you less than you need and have you come up short for whatever bill you need to pay or item you need to purchase. We’ll ask you questions about the amount of financing you’re seeking so we can ensure your loan is as close to the amount you need. Your monthly budget is one of the most important factors when determining how much to loan you, using your car title as collateral. Your budget tells us how much you can afford to pay back on your loan each time you receive a paycheck. We don’t want to set you up for failure and lend you more money than you can afford to pay back, shoving you into a vicious cycle of debt. Our goal is to help you with your current financial situation, not make it worse. When you meet with us about getting a title loan, you should know the dollar amount of all your monthly financial obligations and your total income. This information will help us calculate your car title loan.

Payday Loan Dollar Amount Factors

A payday loan, sometimes called a cash advance, is a short-term loan that essentially uses your next paycheck as collateral. You bring in your pay stubs and proof that you have an active bank account, and we will calculate a loan amount that will help you get cash fast. Like with title loans, we have to consider a few things before lending your money. The first thing we consider is your monthly income and budget. Like with title loans, we don’t want to lend you more than you can ever pay back, nor do we want to lend you more than you get in your paycheck! This is why we require you to bring your most recent pay stub with you when applying for a payday loan. The second thing we consider is how much money you need. This is a very typical consideration for any lending institution because we not only want to be responsible with our business, but help you be responsible with your finances. Our final consideration is the collateral you can put up to show you’re serious about paying back your loan. In most cases, this comes in the form of a check that you write to us in the amount of your loan, plus the reasonable fee we charge for originating the loan and overseeing it through payoff. When you pay us back for the payday loan, you’ll get your check back.

Factors We Don’t Consider for Payday Loans or Title Loans

Although there is a lot we consider when determining how much money to lend you, one that we never consider is your credit score. We believe that despite checkered credit histories, our customers are trustworthy and want to pay back the money they borrow from us. We see our role as the catalyst for helping you improve your financial situation. We also never report your loans from us to any credit bureaus -- those folks who calculate your credit score. That’s because we don’t base how we issue loans on their guidelines or rules.

Choose Select Title Loans in Florence, AL

Select Title Loans has been in business for many years, because we saw people in Florence, Alabama were struggling to find financing. Traditional lenders turned them down over and over again. We vowed to help people get the money they need, when they need it. Today, we offer several loan types with the best customer service in the area. After helping thousands of people each year get the money they deserve to be lent, we’re ready to help you, too. To learn more about our short-term loan options, contact us today, or visit us at 1203 North Wood Avenue in Florence.

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Five Ways to Use a Payday Loan in Florence, Alabama

Five Ways to Use a Payday Loan in Florence, Alabama

Check Advances Put Money In Your Hands Today

What happens when the money from your current paycheck runs out? Short-term loans like check advances and payday loans can help you pay surprise bills or make important, timely purchases. These two services from Select Title Loans have easy-to-understand processes and give you cash today.

What you do with your payday loan is up to you, but here at Select Title Loans, these are five of the most common reasons that we see for people borrowing money. If these situations don’t apply to you, but you need money, you’re welcome to use your payday loan for that, too! There are no limits on what you can do when you take out a check advance loan with us.

payday loan

Payday Loans to Buy a New Computer

If you’re a college student, or you rely on your personal laptop or tablet to make money, what do you do when your favorite piece of technology breaks down? It’s an especially big problem when you’re short on the cash required to purchase a new one.

A short-term check advance loan can help you purchase a new computer or other device so you don’t miss out on your studies or remote work.

Check Advances to Pay Medical Bills in Collections

It usually isn’t our fault when we get hurt or sick. But when it comes to making the choice between staying at home and hoping you heal, or visiting a doctor to get treatment, finances can be the key player in how you make that decision. And unfortunately, no one has ever heard of a cheap medical bill!

Getting a check advance from your next paycheck means your medical debt won’t get sent into collections and negatively affect your credit score. You simply pay back your check advance loan when you get paid and get debt collectors off your back today.

Short-Term Loans for Emergency Car Repairs

In Florence, Alabama, most everyone relies on vehicles of some type to get around. Many people would argue that a car is a necessity here, to get to work, school, and everywhere in between. But when your car randomly breaks down and leaves you stranded, you need money to pay the mechanic to get your vehicle running again.

Like medical bills, car repairs are never cheap. But unlike medical bills, the mechanic probably won’t let you defer your bill - or even let you leave with your car - without lots of discussions and promises made.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and get financing from a reputable community lender like Select Title Loans to pay for your car repair, instead of writing an I.O.U. to someone who amounts to a stranger! Select Title Loans has been in business since 1998, and we’ve stayed around because our valued customers refer their friends and families to us. They trusted us for years when they need help to get out of financial binds.

Check Advances for Important Wedding-Related Purchases

You’d never want to let your best friend down. So what if you were asked to be an important member of your friend’s wedding party? And what if participating meant dropping a bundle of money on a bridesmaid’s dress or groomsman’s tuxedo, as well as participating in their bachelor or bachelorette parties, and buying the new married couple an awesome gift?

Weddings are expensive, even for people who aren’t even getting married! And a special occasion dress can run you upwards of $200, not to mention the cost of pitching in toward a memorable party to commemorate the end of singledom!

If you’ve been asked to participate in your friend’s big day, and it’s time to order your outfit or to pay for whatever else you’re being asked to buy, but you don’t have cash, visit Select Title Loans. We can get you the money you need in as little as 20 minutes and potentially save your friendship!

Payday Loans to Sign an Apartment Lease

Looking for a new place to live? Signing a lease on an apartment is an exciting time, but it also costs a lot of money. In some areas, you can pay as much as three months of rent upfront - first and last month’s rent, plus a month’s rent worth of security deposit!

It pays to act fast when it comes to real estate, and renting is no different. If you waited until your paycheck to come in, you might miss out on the perfect home for you. If you’re not quite there financially but need to sign a lease today, a payday loan can help you with that.

Who Qualifies for a Payday Loan in Florence, Alabama?

In short, anyone with an income and an active bank account can qualify for a payday loan! At Select Title Loans, we don’t consider your credit score, nor do we report your loans to any national credit bureau.

Instead, we give you a loan based on your ability to pay it back. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to get the money they need to enjoy their lives, and a payday loan is one of the ways we can make that happen.

What Do I Need to Bring To Get My Payday Loan?

To apply for a check advance loan in Florence, Alabama, you will need to bring:

  • A government-issued photo ID, such as your driver’s license.
  • Proof of your open and active checking account, such as a bank statement.
  • Your most recent pay stub.
  • A personal check (depending on how you’ll need to structure your loan with us).

Get Cash Now from Select Title Loans

If you’re ready to get the money you need to pay for an important bill or make a meaningful purchase, Select Title Loans is here to help you today. Visit us on N. Wood Ave. in Florence, Alabama, or contact us online to get started.

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How Do Check Advances Work in Alabama?

How Do Check Advances Work in Alabama?

Payday Loans Get You Money When You Need It

Select Title Loans is best known for, well, our title loans. It’s in our name, after all! But what some people don’t know is that we offer other short-term loan options to quickly get people the money they need. When you’re short on cash and time, Select Title Loans can help you out with our payday loan or check advance programs!

What is a Check Advance?

In Florence, Alabama, check advance loans and payday loans are one-in-the-same, despite going by different names. Both of these loan types allow you to get a cash loan quickly so you can pay unexpected bills or to cover the cost of other necessities without having to rely on friends or family members to lend you money.

Payday loans and check advances are some of the simplest loan types we offer. All you have to do is write us a check for the amount of money you want to borrow, plus our reasonable service fee. We’ll hang onto your check and give you cash, in as little as 20 minutes! On your next payday, you simply pay us back the money you borrowed.

check advance or payday loan

Who Qualifies for a Check Advance?

If you need money, but have struggled in the past to take out a personal loan from a bank or credit union, a payday loan might be the answer to your problem. Traditional lenders rely heavily on your credit score when deciding whether to let you borrow money. This is unfair when you know you can pay your loan back, but your past credit history still haunts you. And let’s face it: asking a loved one to borrow money can be embarrassing, but you should never feel embarrassed about borrowing money from a professional lender like Select Title Loans.

To qualify for a check advance loan, you need only to prove that you have steady income and are capable of paying us back for the money you borrow. We don’t need to check your credit; we verify your monthly income through the pay stubs you provide when you apply for the loan. Unlike the car title loans we’re best known for, a payday loan does not require you to have a clear title on your car, or to own a car at all!

Select Title Loans never reports your payday loans or check advances to the major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. This means your credit is never negatively affected by taking out a loan from us.

What Should I Know About Getting a Paycheck Advance Loan in Florence, AL?

When you talk to us about getting a payday loan or paycheck advance loan, we’ll let you know both the annual percentage rate (APR) of your loan as well as the total cost of the loan in dollars.

The APR is how much it costs you to borrow money from us for one year and is based on the amount of your loan, our fees, how long you borrow the money from us, and the interest rate or monthly finance charge. Most of our clients pay back their loans to us in full within two weeks and never have to worry about finance costs beyond their original loan amount.

However, if you need more time to pay the loan, we can simply roll it over to your next paycheck. Contact us in advance to let us know how we can help you pay your loan back; we’re always happy to help you!

The Paycheck Advance Process

Here’s an example of how you can get money from your next paycheck today. Keep in mind this is a hypothetical example, and we’re keeping the numbers small and round to make it simple. The fee we discuss in the example will likely be different for your real-life loan; our fees vary depending on the amount of your loan and other factors.

Your car has just broken down, and the mechanic says it will be $500 in parts and labor to get your vehicle running again. You can’t be without a car, so you agree to the repair.

In the meantime, you realize you don’t have the spare $500 to fix your car right now, and your payday isn’t for another two weeks. You visit Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama, to inquire about a paycheck advance.

At Select Title Loans, you borrow the $500 you need by writing us a personal check for $500, plus our reasonable fee. For the sake of the example, let’s say the fee is $50. We keep your check and give you $500 in cash, right on the spot. You pay your mechanic and get your car back.

Finally, your payday rolls around, and you cash the paycheck you worked so hard to earn. You stop by Select Title Loans and give us $550 in cash, and we give you back the check you wrote to us when you borrowed the money. You are only out-of-pocket for the fee for the loan, and your car got its necessary repairs to get you back on the road.

What Do I Need to Bring To Get My Payday Loan?

To apply for a payday loan or cash advance loan in Florence, Alabama, you will need to bring:

  • A government-issued photo ID, such as your driver’s license.
  • Proof of your open and active checking account, such as a bank statement.
  • Your most recent pay stub.
  • A personal check (depending on what you’ll be putting up for collateral on your loan).

Why Choose Select Title Loans?

We’ve been helping people in Florence, Alabama and the Seven-Points area for nearly two decades get a handle on their finances in urgent situations. Our friendliness, flexibility, and customer service make us the trustworthy choice when you need money from a short-term loan. We wouldn’t have stayed in business since 1998 without these characteristics!

Ready to get a short-term loan? Visit us online or in person at 1203 N. Wood Avenue, in Florence. Have questions? Give us a call at 256-767-2100!

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Tips to Upgrade Your Home Office

Tips to Upgrade Your Home Office

A Short-Term Loan Can Create Your Dream Office

In March, millions of Americans faced a serious change in the way they work after being asked to work from home to help slow the spread of Covid-19. Office workers hauled home their computer equipment and bundles of cables and set them up on their dining room tables, not knowing for how long their temporary situation would last.

By now, if you are one of those workers, you have realized your home is woefully unprepared for your remote work. The convenience of working from home came with what feels like a financial punishment. You’re unable to use rooms in your home as intended, and desperately need to set up a work area that is quiet, separate from the rest of the house, and has the furniture and space to accommodate your computer and other office equipment.

Alternatively, maybe your employer is ready to have all their team members work remotely and use technology to collaborate efficiently. In that case, you’ll still need to create an area of your home where you can concentrate and do your job without interruptions or discomfort from having the wrong furniture set up in your office. Remote work is an option we’ll likely see more and more often as employers look to eliminate overhead costs, like renting or buying office space.

Either way, if you need a home office today, but you don’t have the finances to pay for it outright, consider a car title loan to help fund your new digs. The possibilities are endless when you get a short-term loan from Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama.

upgrade your home office

What Do I Need in a Home Office?

Ultimately, the furniture you need for your home office depends greatly on your work. What should you consider purchasing to create the best home office possible?

A desk. When you think about your desk at your regular office, you probably recall tall cubicle walls between you and your officemates. Cubicle desks come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s not likely you’ll be outfitting your home with a cubicle! Instead, you have free reign to choose a desk to suit your needs.

Do you need a large, executive desk for your computer and paperwork? Or perhaps a small desk to tuck away in the corner of your living room? Evaluate your needs before shopping for a desk. Don’t fall in love with only aesthetics; consider function, too! Looks are important, but a desk that works for you is a better option than a cool-looking desk.

A chair. The right chair can make or break you. OK, it won’t literally break your back, but the wrong chair can certainly leave you feeling sore and stiff after a day at work. Don’t skimp on a chair purchase; it’s perhaps the most important component of your workspace! A quality chair supports your body ergonomically and is adjustable to fit your height and leg length. An ergonomic office chair can help reduce body aches and pains. A cheap task chair might not support you the way you’d like, but it will certainly be easier on your wallet. You have to decide whether it’s worth it to you to have a really excellent seat to sit in for eight hours a day, or if you’d rather use that money for another component of your new home office.

Storage furniture. If you have any paper files to go through - a rarity in the modern office - you might consider a filing cabinet system to keep your work organized and safe from prying eyes, especially if you work with confidential information. Typical metal filing cabinets are certainly widely available for purchase, but some filing cabinets are designed to look like regular, beautiful end tables while hiding away hanging folders.

If you have additional materials to store, consider a credenza. A credenza is a piece of furniture that usually sits parallel to your desk, on the back wall of your office. It’s size makes it perfect for storing extra office supplies, or setting a printer or landline phone on top of it. Credenzas are most often found in executive-style offices, so if you fancy yourself someone important, you might want to get a credenza to complete your home office set-up!

A chair pad or area rug. If your home office space has wood floors, you will want to use a chair pad or area rug to protect your floor from rolling chair wheels. These wheels can scratch up and permanently damage your floor. With a layer of protection between the wheels and your floor, you can help make sure you aren’t creating even more expenses later as you refinish your floors.

White noise machine. If you’re working from home, but finding that the noises of everyday life, like children home from school, or perhaps your partner working in another room, are interrupting you in your office, you can consider purchasing a white noise machine. This small machine plugs into any standard wall outlet and emits white noise to help drown out distracting sounds.

Office equipment. Gone are the days you can stroll lazily to the printer to chat with a nearby coworker while you wait for the machine to spit out your documents. Now, when you need to print, you’re going to need your own compact printer. Depending on the size and quality of printer you purchase, you might need to spend more than $100! But you can’t skimp on printer quality if you need print-outs in your line of work. A multi-function printer can also scan documents for you to send to your coworkers, especially helpful if you must sign off on paperwork in your supervisory role.

How Can a Title Loan Near Me Pay for My New Office?

If you’re low on funds but in need of a new office set-up at home, a car title loan can get you the cash to pay for your new furniture and equipment. Plus, title loans are easy to get, no matter what your credit score is.

Our Florence, Alabama car title loan company does not check your credit score. Instead, they use your car title as collateral. Because of this, you must have a clean car title to take out a short-term loan with select Title Loans.

Our simple loan application form takes into account the value of your car, your ability to repay the loan, and the amount of money you need. Once you’re approved - and almost everyone is - you’ll walk out with cash and your car keys in your hand. Because we use your car title as collateral, a low-interest title loan can save you money over traditional financing.

To see how we can help you upgrade your home office, call our office at 256-767-2100 or visit our website to learn more.

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A Title Loan Can Help You Pay for College Necessities

A Title Loan Can Help You Pay for College Necessities

Get a Short-Term Loan with Bad Credit or No Credit

Whether your now-grown-up child is finishing up their senior year of high school, or your college student is registering for their next year of classes, you face a certain financial reality when it comes to tuition, room and board, and supplies.

University bills don’t wait; the registrar expects payments on a strict schedule. If they can’t pay in full with scholarships, grants, or personal money, students have to take out long-term loans to fund their education, sometimes even enough to cover books, laptops, and dorm accessories to get them started in their journey toward their college degree.

When there’s just not enough money to pay for upfront costs, a car title loan can be the answer to the problem. This short-term loan option puts cash in your hand to cover these expenses, and gives you the freedom of a payment plan customized to your ability to repay.

title loan for college

What Can I Pay for with a Car Title Loan?

There are no rules about what you have to spend your loan money on. It’s 100% up to you! That said, here are a few great college-related ideas that are worthwhile purchases with your cash.

Laptop or tablet. Most college students take their own personal computers to school with them, to use for research, writing essays, studying, and even entertainment. You can often get the best deals on new laptops or tablets during the summer, when computer manufacturers offer back-to-school discounts. And unless students’ work includes video editing or graphic design, they don’t need a top-of-the-line computer. Choosing a slightly cheaper laptop saves you money you can put toward other necessities.

Dorm bedding and decor. Residence halls are a student’s home away from home. It would be rare to find a college student who doesn’t love the feeling of returning to their new room or apartment after a long day of classes. Make their space cozy and comfortable with bed-in-a-bag sheets and comforters, which come in perfectly coordinated colors and patterns. Posters and removable poster hangers help students express themselves on a budget. Don’t forget a desk lamp for late-night study sessions, and photos from loved ones back home.

Textbooks. Perhaps the least fun thing you could spend your car title loan money on, textbooks are both necessary and expensive. Even textbook rentals cost money upfront, and sharing textbooks only leads to future frustrations with college buddies. Bargain shoppers can sometimes find used textbooks from independent sellers at a discounted price, which can save significant money.

Collegiate school supplies. A sturdy backpack to haul books across campus, notebooks and pens, and calculators for advanced math will set students up for success in the new school year. Your student may also need specialty software depending on their major of choice. Sometimes universities offer discounted software packages, but either way, you’ll have to fork over money for these items.

Clothing. Most college students enjoy wearing sweats to class everyday, but they still need clothing to protect themselves from the elements when they have to walk across campus to attend class. Professors don’t cancel because of a little rain or snow, so students may need heavier coats, rain boots, and umbrellas to be prepared for the trek. College students also love school spirit clothing, like hoodies and t-shirts, with your school’s logo on them.

Tuition. If loans, scholarships, and grants aren’t quite enough to cover tuition, or you plan to pay out of pocket, but need a little extra cash to cover the cost, a car title loan can get you the money you need.

Mini-fridge and microwave. Depending on the university rules, students might need to bring their own mini-fridge and microwave. Check dorm rules in advance. These two items are important for storing snacks and drinks, and heating up quick meals between classes.

All the little extras. These supplies cost little alone, but when added up together, are significant. Use this handy checklist to make sure you have everything. Your student might need:

  • Small throw rug or area rug next to their bed
  • Bathmat
  • Shower caddy and hygiene supplies, like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc.
  • Flip-flops for the community bathroom
  • Adhesive note pads and page markers
  • Flash drive
  • Laptop bag
  • Citation or style manuals for writing term papers
  • Printer
  • Weekly planner or calendar
  • Basic office supplies: scissors, tape, stapler
  • Small tool kit with screwdrivers, a wrench, and small hammer
  • Alarm clock
  • Small trash can and recycling bin
  • Fan
  • Dry erase board and markers
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Laundry bag and detergent
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Extension cord and surge protector
  • Headphones
  • First aid kit with basic over-the-counter medications
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Bowl, plate, cup, coffee mug, and silverware
  • Water bottle
  • Coffee pot or electric kettle (if allowed)

How Do I Get a Car Title Loan Near Me?

Getting and qualifying for a car title loan in Florence, Alabama, is easy at Select Title Loans. Taking out a traditional loan is a complex and long process, but getting a car title loan is quick and hassle-free.

If you’re over the age of 19, just bring your clear car title (in your name, with no liens), car, and photo ID to our office, where you’ll complete a short application as we appraise your vehicle. All loans are structured on a 30-day renewable contract, and because your car title is the collateral, we will not check your credit. We do not care about your bad credit or poor credit history - we want to help you get the money you need.

Your car title loan is based on the assessed value of your car, your budget, and your cash needs. You’ll get your cash and will be able to drive away in your car, with your keys, at the end of the process. When your loan is paid in full, we’ll give you back your car title.

To make the process even faster, you can complete our application online. If you have any questions, give us a ring at 256-767-2100. We are ready to help you get the money you need to fund your college purchases!

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Great Short-Term Loan Options in Florence, Alabama

Great Short-Term Loan Options in Florence, Alabama

Car title loans are a great option for people going through financial hardship, people who are experiencing pay anomalies, and people who are just a little short on cash right now. A car title loan can be a lifeline when people need it the most.

Car title loans have other benefits such as not requiring a credit check and taking only a limited amount of time to process. You can continue to drive your vehicle while the loan is in effect.

Car title loans are one of the best short-term loan options in Alabama.

What is a Car Title Loan?

Short-Term Loan Options in Florence, Alabama

A car title loan allows you to get a short-term loan by signing your car title over to the lender. The loan must usually be repaid within 30 days, and until the loan is repaid in full, the lender remains in control of the title of the vehicle. In short, your car’s clean title becomes collateral on the aptly-named title loan.

Usually, to qualify for a car title loan, you must prove that you have equity in the vehicle, and you have free control of the vehicle. This means that you don’t have any outstanding liens on the vehicle, have paid it off, or own it because you bought it with cash.

Loan agreements can be anywhere between 15 days and a year or more on a recurring basis, but they tend to be for 30 days. The lender may take steps to ensure that the loan is repaid if the borrower fails to make repayments.

How Fast Can I Get a Car Title Loan Near Me?

One of the main benefits of car title loans is how quickly you can get the cash. Anyone who is in a financial pinch can get a car title loan extremely quickly and efficiently. This process can be quicker than getting a loan from a bank, a payday loan, family, friends, or other lending sources.

The speed of a car title loan is one of their most attractive features, and it is why many people seek them. People often run into situations in which they will have money soon, but they simply need a short-term loan for various reasons. The speed of a car title loan can be a godsend for these individuals and help them get the cash on time when they need it.

If you need to pay a bill or you have a financial emergency, a car title loan can be a great short-term fix. Most banks in Alabama do not offer this level of speed, and that’s why car title loans are one of the great short-term loan options.

Can You Get a Car Title Loan with Bad Credit?

Another great aspect of getting a car title loan in Florence, Alabama is that it can be an excellent avenue for people with poor credit. Banks, lending agencies, family, and friends might judge you based on your credit history or what you’ve done in the past, but we know these things don’t always give a complete picture of your current ability to repay a loan. People who could easily repay a loan might not have access to loans from traditional services like banks, due to their judgment of your credit history.

This is where car title loans are great. They rarely require a credit history or background check, and many times, the lender more accurately understands your current ability to pay because they consider how much money you take home each month from your job or other sources. Since these loans usually require that you own your car outright, you have already shown an ability to repay debts and make payments. You may simply be going through a short-term setback, and a car title loan is a great way for you to get money right now without having to deal with the hassle of credit history checks or facing the embarrassment of needing to ask family or friends for a loan.

Car Title Loans are Simple

A car title loan in Florence, Alabama only requires that you have a clean title on your car and proof of monthly income to pay back the loan. These easy requirements open the door to car title loans for many people who will struggle to get loans from other sources.

Car Title Loans Can Be Restructured

Car title loan deals can be restructured if there is any difficulty with repaying them. Many lenders will give an additional 30 days to repay the car title loan, at an additional fee. The ease of restructuring a loan is something that banks, lending agencies, cash advance agencies, friends, and family may be unwilling to do. This is another feature that makes car title loans a great short-term loan option in Alabama.

Title Loans Can Be Cheaper than Other Options

Car title loans can be cheaper than other options on the market in Alabama. On many occasions, we see people trying to get a cash-advance loan, but the interest rate on the cash advance is much higher than the interest rate on a car title loan.

The reason for this is because the car itself can be used as collateral, and that means lenders can charge lower interest rates since they have the car as a buffer to prevent them from taking losses. This isn’t the case with cash-advance loans, and that’s the main reason why cash advance loans can be more expensive.

When you compare the cons of cash-advance loans to the pros of car title loans, car title loans in Florence, Alabama are very attractive.

Consider a Car Title Loan If You Need a Short-Term Loan

Banks can be very discriminating in whom they lend money to. Friends and family can be less than generous at times, and taking loans from them can put serious strains on relationships. Lending agencies and payday loan agencies can charge much more than what you would pay for a car title loan. For this reason, car title loans in Alabama, especially at Select Title Loans, are often a much better option.

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5 Ideas for Home Projects to Get Started On

5 Ideas for Home Projects to Get Started On

As any homeowner can attest, there is always a project to be done that will make your home a better place. Such projects range from big to small and expensive to inexpensive. There’s the proverbial Clark Griswold backyard pool, and then there is the not-so-exciting but necessary gutter shields. Home projects don’t have to be expensive and can pay great dividends in both living quality and home equity.

No matter what project you pick, it is going to require money. Since most people don’t have a generous rich uncle or piles of cash lying around, focus on projects that you can get completed with your budget. Think about the kind of projects an average person can take on with commonly-available resources and funding opportunities. Thankfully, there are many short-term loan options in Florence, Alabama, for funding that home project. One such option is a car title loan from Select Title Loans.

Can I Fund a Home Project with a Car Title Loan Near Me?

Car Title Loan Near Me

A car title loan works by using your car as collateral to back a short-term loan. The borrower needs a car that is fully paid for that can be leveraged to support the loan. It’s an easy process where you provide proof of car ownership (specifically a clean title) for a car, truck, or motorcycle in your possession. After that, it’s a matter of showing other common loan support, such as proof of employment and references.

Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama, is lenient about checking your credit history and caters to those with no or bad credit as well as those with stellar credit histories. In most cases, the borrower presents the title and the vehicle in its current condition, does some quick paperwork, and secures funding for whatever reason, like household repairs and projects.

Deciding on a Home Project

Having secured the funding, attention turns to what project is the best bang for your buck. Since car title loans in Alabama usually range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, this is a starting point for making the decision. There are so many projects possible, it is best if you choose just a couple you can pay for with your car title loan.

In deciding on a home project, a balance needs to be struck between the practical and the desirable. That is, one should think about things that are not only fun, but can also add value to the home’s equity. For example, a home cinema room might be lots of fun, but it may not improve the value of the house for that eventual re-sale. Conversely, gutter shields may be highly practical, but they are not the kind of thing that makes a homebuyer want to run for the checkbook. It is a personal decision that needs careful consideration.

Below are five equity-friendly possibilities that can start the decision process.

Five Ideas for Attainable and Enriching Home Projects

No. 1: Privacy Fence

If there is a “can’t lose” possibility, it is the privacy fence. Most people live in a neighborhood of some sort where privacy and security are highly valued. Everyone likes the feeling of having a fence that not only protects one’s privacy, but also adds an element of security. This is particularly true for pet owners. Quality privacy fences have a great return-on-investment and can increase your property’s value.

No. 2: The Backyard Deck

While the price of a deck can get beyond the reach of a car title loan if you go for the highest-end materials, it can be tastefully accomplished at a reasonable price, particularly for those that have some DIY skills. Generally, it can be done for a few thousand dollars, depending on size and materials. This is a small price to pay for holding birthday parties and neighborhood barbeques that build lasting memories in your backyard on your brand-new deck. This is another investment that adds to the value of your home when it’s time to sell.

No. 3: Interior Home Improvements

When it comes to updating the interior of your home, the possibilities are endless. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint or an updated light fixture can do to set off a room. There are so many things that can be done inside a home that are low-cost and add value. These include things like modernizing a fireplace, adding trim or crown molding, resurfacing countertops, finishing a room in your basement, laying new carpet, and more. The little things add up to big payoffs in comfortable living and building home equity.

No. 4: Remodeling the Kitchen

Many realtors will say that home sales begin and end in the kitchen. A nice kitchen is a must-have for many people. Like most home projects, the possibilities in the kitchen are many. To most, it may be replacing the appliances, countertops, sink, and flooring. This can be done within the bounds of a car title loan, and the results can add great value to a home in terms of equity as well as greatly improving living conditions.

No. 5: Entry Door Replacement

Installing a new door is a simple and often overlooked project that can provide great value and curb appeal when selling a home. It is the first thing people see, and it makes a lasting impression. For a couple hundred bucks, a steel door can improve the looks, energy efficiency, and the security of a home. It’s a simple thing, but an important addition that should be considered. To protect your gorgeous wooden doors from the weather, you could also consider installing storm doors, another inexpensive investment that has a big effect on your home’s looks.

The list of home improvement projects you can complete with funds from a car title loan is a long one. It boils down to taking a look at what can add value to the property and what would benefit you and your family the most. It may be a mix of things listed above, or other like landscaping additions or enlarging the driveway to accommodate your children’s playtime. The best choice is finding that project or projects that add value to the home as well as value to one’s daily life.

Fund your next home improvement project with a car title loan from Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama. Come see us at 1203 N. Wood Avenue to get the cash you need.

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Need Money for Spring Home Projects? Consider a Title Loan

Need Money for Spring Home Projects? Consider a Title Loan

Need Money for Your Home Project? Get a Car Title Loan

Don’t have the cash for that deck in the backyard? How about a privacy fence or a pool? With a car title loan, the wait is over! Spring home projects can begin right away.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just show the ownership of a car, truck, or motorcycle and proof of employment, and that home project can hit the ground running. Car title loans are available at Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama with fast in-and-out ease.

Car Title Loans in Alabama

How Does a Car Title Loan Work?

Before visiting your car title loan provider in Alabama, you need to gather a few documents.

Generally, a lien-free title, photo ID, proof of insurance, and proof of a steady source of income are needed. The original title with no lien will get you started. A driver’s license will do for the photo ID.

Proof of insurance is usually done with a copy of the policy or a summary card that most keep in their glove box. In some cases, proof of insurance is not needed.

Proof of a steady source of income can be made with a recent pay stub or other evidence showing a constant cash flow that should continue for the duration of the loan. This cash flow can be many things including documentation proving annuities, court documents showing alimony conditions, payments from long-term investments, legal settlements, and more.

The number and types of documents vary depending on the loaning institution’s requirements. After one has satisfied the documentation requirements, the car needs to be taken to the loaning institution for inspection and documentation review. Once approved, one gets the cash, keeps the car, and work can begin on that spring home project!

What if the Vehicle Title Isn’t Clear?

In most cases, one can’t get a car title loan unless the title is clear. That is, the vehicle isn’t being used as collateral for a previous loan. As with many things in life, there are exceptions. It is possible to get an equity loan. An equity loan is like a home equity loan where one borrows against the equity in the car. The equity is the value of the vehicle minus the amount of the outstanding loan balance. All or some percentage of this amount is fair game for the loan amount. You can borrow as much or as little as you need, making it a very flexible option compared to many others out there.

How Much Money Can Be Borrowed?

As with the documentation, different loan institutions have different policies. In general, this depends greatly on the value of the vehicle and the ability to repay the loan. A rule-of-thumb is that the loan can range from 25% to 50% of the value of the vehicle. For example, if the vehicle is worth $10,000, the maximum loan amount can range between $2,500 and $5,000.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the average loan amount for a car title loan is between $100 and $5,500, however, some financial institutions loan up to $10,000.

Car title loans, therefore, represent a way to get a larger amount of money than you can on other types of short-term loans in Alabama. Because the lender has a short-term lien on your vehicle, they are at a lot less risk than when a loan is completely unsecured. So, they’re able to lend more.

Secured loans like a car title loan can also be at a lower interest rate because of this reduced risk. Alabama laws ensure that the interest rates charged by car title loan companies are within a reasonable limit, so you can be sure you’re getting a good deal. Still, you can shop around to see the different interest rates that Florence, Alabama car title loan companies will offer you.

What about Credit Checks?

As with the rest of the loan requirements, this too varies among financing companies. Some may check credit reports while others do not. There are many factors contributing to this decision including the amount of the loan and the perceived risky nature of a steady source of income. Many companies, such as Select Title Loans, often don’t require a credit check and allow for poor credit loans in Florence, Alabama.

Spring Home Projects That Save Money

The things one can do with the money are limited only by the imagination and, of course, the amount of money available. One can use the money best if projects are selected that will actually pay for themselves in the long run. These are generally maintenance projects like adding insulation, maintaining an air conditioner (e.g., new compressor and coil maintenance), new more energy-efficient windows, roof repairs, caulking, planting shade trees, and more.

It’s often the case that people turn to Alabama car title loans because an emergency has arisen in the household. When the fridge or air conditioner packs in, or there’s a hole in the roof, it makes sense to get it fixed quickly and without fuss. A car title loan in Alabama can get you the cash you need quickly and there’s no long-term commitment. You can repay the loan when your paycheck comes in and you’ve avoided all of the expense caused by the emergency.

Spring Home Projects for Fun and Home Equity-Building

Spring home projects are fun and they increase the value of one’s home. Many add decks to their backyards for those barbecues and other get-togethers. Others add a pool, patio, or privacy fence. The options also include adding a vegetable or flower garden, re-sodding the yard, building a gazebo, new siding, extending a driveway, and repainting your home.

The advantages to getting a car title loan are many depending on one’s situation. It is convenient, fast, and simple. With a little document gathering and time, one can get that spring home project underway in no time while keeping your vehicle.

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Live in Alabama and Need Quick Cash? Title Loans Are Here For You

Live in Alabama and Need Quick Cash? Title Loans Are Here For You

Sometimes, life gets the best of you. You have more bills than you can afford to pay. Then, something breaks or someone gets sick. You have more emergency expenses that were unseen and definitely not included in the monthly budget. You look at the balance in your bank account quickly approaching zero with more bills that still need to be paid. What is a person to do?

There are numerous options to secure cash in Alabama when you need it. Some are much quicker than others are.

One option, in particular, allows you to get the cash you need in exchange for putting your car up for collateral. This type of loan is called a car title loan.

Car Title Loans

There are many benefits to getting a car title loan in Florence, Alabama that make this type of loan a good option for anyone that needs fast cash.

What Are the Benefits of a Car Title Loan?

  • A car title loan in Alabama is easy to obtain. All you need is a lien-free title for your car and a photo ID. You do not have to leave your car at the loan site either, just the paperwork. You drive your car to work and around town while the loan company keeps the title until you have paid back the loan in full and on time.
  • Bad credit is no problem for a car title loan. Because you are putting the title of your car up for collateral, good credit is not needed to get you cash. If you default on the payments, the loan company has the right to claim your car. But, if you make your payments on time, the title of the car is yours. Therefore, a less than stellar credit rating is absolutely not an issue to get approved for a car title loan.
  • The approval process is quick and easy. It does not take very long to get the money that you so desperately need. Many traditional banks, credit unions, and loan companies can take days or longer to get you approved, a car title loan is much faster. You will have your cash in minutes. This is crucial if you absolutely need the extra funds right away. There is no waiting when you apply for a car title loan.
  • The only restriction on qualification is that you must own a vehicle. If you own a vehicle and hold the title, you will be approved for a car title loan. This gives the consumer peace of mind knowing that you will be approved when you walk through the door to the car title loan office.
  • Your loan details are private. No one will know you have a loan taken out on your vehicle; it usually won’t even show up on a credit report.

Is a Car Title Loan in Alabama Faster to Get?

The biggest benefit of a car title loan is the ability to get approved for a loan for a significant amount of money with little to no stress. When you go into the car title loan company location, you know that you will walk out with the money that you need. This has a huge impact on reducing the stress that comes along with applying for a traditional loan.

When you apply for a traditional type of loan, you will have the stress of not knowing your approval status until the bank has reached a decision. If you have less than perfect credit, this wait for approval can be very daunting, adding to the stress of your current stressful situation. Taking a bit of stress away from an already bad day is just what you need to turn your life around financially.

In today’s modern economic world full of credit, loans, and "borrowing from Peter to pay Paul," sometimes you need a little extra help. If you have made mistakes in the past that had a negative effect on your credit, but you are now in a better situation, you will still be denied a traditional loan. With car title loans, you will have that second chance. You will be able to secure the funds that you so desperately need to get caught up or pay off that emergency and unforeseen expense. With lower interest rates and better payment options than other quick loans, a car title loan just may be the right decision for a lot of different people when faced with financial difficulties.

Florence, Alabama Title Loans

If you’re looking for a car title loan in Alabama, the obvious choice is Select Title Loans. For over 20 years, Select Title Loans has been lending money to people in the Seven Points area. With a stellar track record and excellent interest rates, Select Title Loans has risen to be one of the best lenders in the state.

In some cases, Select Title Loans are able to offer a 0% interest rate for 30 days on new loans. This means you won’t pay anything for 60 days, making the title loan even more convenient for those quick cash need situations.

Virtually the only thing you need is to own your car. This means you no longer have any finance agreement on it, whether from when you purchased it at a dealership or when you took out a previous car title loan. You need to be 19 years of age and have a valid ID. Good credit is not required — Select Title Loans doesn’t perform a credit check and the process is much simpler than if you were to go to a bank.

For the fastest large loan you can get in Alabama, fill out your details on the info sheet at SelectTitleLoans.com. This includes everything you need to advise the lender about so even before you come into Select Title Loans you’ll have pre-arranged your money. All you’ll need to do is come in and pick it up.

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