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Everything You Need to Know About Qualifying for a Cash Advance

Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama wants to help you qualify to get cash now with a cash advance loan!

cash advance in Alabama

Sometimes you are not able to wait for your next payday to cover bills or especially if you need money to handle different emergencies. That is where Select Title Loans comes in. The team at Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama is happy to help by offering cash advance loans to those who qualify.

What is a Cash Advance?

A cash advance, or payday advance, from Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama is a short term cash advance loan that helps you get money you need now for emergencies, bills, and other situations so you do not have to wait until payday. A cash advance can also be known as a check advance. This name comes from the process in which Select Title Loans will hold a check, written out and signed by you, as collateral until you have paid off the loan in its entirety on your next payday.

A cash advance loan is a quick and easy way to get cash in your hand today, for whatever your situation may be. If you need extra cash now, between your normal payday deposits, a cash advance loan is the way to go. Whether it’s some bills that need to be paid, an unexpected fee, a cash emergency, or just having some extra money in your pocket before payday for day to day transactions, payday loans can help you with your budget and other monetary needs you may have or may not even see coming.

How You Can Qualify for a Cash Advance Loan Today

Qualifying for a cash advance loan is very simple, almost anyone can get approved, and the payday lenders at Select Title Loans help you throughout the entire process. Approval for cash advances, or payday loans, is easy and the process is quick. The ease of qualifying for cash advances is meant to get you in and out of the door with cash in your hand for whatever your monetary needs are today.

Since the approval process is so easy and quick, almost anyone can qualify. In order for you to get approved with Select Title Loans for a short term cash advance loan, all you need to do is prove that you have a steady employment history and are able to pay back the loan in full. The loan in full also means the service fee that Select Title Loans charges for approval. All of the information you share with Select Title Loans stays private, even out of sight from your employer and bank.

People who qualify for a cash advance will need to have a valid social security number or an individual taxpayer identification number, a bank account, and a steady source of recurring income. There is no need to have great credit in order to qualify for a cash advance which also means you can use your cash advance loan money to help pay off those credit lowering bills such as credit card payments, car payments, and other bills and utility companies that report to credit bureaus. Using a cash advance for cash emergencies is also an easy way to stop putting yourself in potentially more credit card debt with credit bureaus.

Since your credit is never checked for a payday loan, your information is also never reported to any major credit bureaus, meaning your credit score will not go down because you used a short term loan service. The reason Select Title Loans can do this is because your income is verified by the pay stubs you provide to them when you apply for a loan and show your employment history.

Getting Started to Qualify for a Cash Advance Loan

After you have qualified for a payday loan, the process is simple and fast, most cash advance processes take as little as 20 minutes!

To apply for check advances, visit the Select Title Loans location and complete the very brief application on site with a team member. If you would rather, you can complete the online information sheet to get a jump start on the application process. Once the application has been filled out and approved, you will then write and sign a personal check to Select Title Loans for the full amount of your loan, including interest. Your check will be kept safe and you will receive the amount of money from your loan.

Paying off a Cash Advance Loan

Paying off a cash advance loan is super simple. Since you borrowed money to get you through the next payday, you will then take the amount of money that was loaned to you and pay it back to Select Title Loans, plus the fee, once you get your actual payday money. Select Title Loans will return your check to you or you do have the option to use the check you wrote them as your payment, since it also includes the service fee. Make sure you speak with your service representative so you understand the repayment schedule. Keep track of when your payment or payments are due and when you will be able to pay off your loan in its entirety. Easy enough, huh?

Think You Are Ready for Quick Cash with a Cash Advance?

If you think you are ready for a cash advance loan or even if you are just ready to start asking questions about the process, paying off the loan, or just qualifying for a cash advance loan, the friendly team members at Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama are ready to chat! Call the team at 256-767-2100 or send a message online here. You can get the money you need now without waiting on payday. Visit the friendly team members for a Select Title Loans cash advance loan today at their office at 1203 N. Wood Avenue, Florence, Alabama. Get cash easy and get it now.


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