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10 Ways to Get Cash Fast

If you need cash and you need it fast, Select Title Loans can help!

fast cash in Alabama

There are a couple ways you can get cash in your pocket quickly and Select Title Loans can be one of those ways. Looking at a couple of ways for getting fast cash, though, is a smart investment of your time, and then you can contact the friendly team members at Select Title Loans near New Orleans here.

Sell Your Spare Electronics

Gather up those old electronics, like smartphones, laptops, and music players, you are not using anymore and sell them! Using resale apps or marketplace-like tabs on Facebook are perfect for getting rid of your used electronics and getting a little extra cash in your pocket.

Become a RideShare or Delivery Driver

First, make sure your vehicle is clean and up to date on inspections along with your insurance. Once you are confident in the state of your vehicle and car insurance, you can begin by downloading rideshare and delivery apps. Doing a little bit of research prior will help you choose which one is best for you. This is a really good way to earn more cash consistently and you can do so on your own time. Note that this may not get you instant cash, but will get you more substantial cash.

Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

If you are wanting fast cash, you can sell your unused gift cards. Maybe you got gifted some gift cards to places you do not frequent often. Maybe you have just forgotten about some gift cards you have had laying around. There are things called “cardpool kiosks” that take your unused gift cards that are valued between $15 and $1,000 and trade them for instant cash. You will get slightly less than what your gift card is actually valued at but you will still get cash in your pocket right then and there. If you do some research online, though, there are companies that could pay you a bit more for those gift cards, but those could take a few days for you to see your money. Another way is to, again, use resale apps and try to sell them to other people at a “discounted” price.

Pawn Some of Your Old Stuff

If you would rather leave the selling to the experts, you can pawn some of your old stuff. Go through your garage, basement, closets, and other nooks and crannies in your home that old stuff could have hidden in and find those things that could get you some money. If you choose to not sell your item outright to the pawn shop, pawn shops use your antique item as collateral for a loan they will give you, if you cannot repay the loan, the pawn shop will simply keep the item you gave them to use as collateral. Make sure to keep an eye out for jewelry, musical instruments, firearms, and current electronics to sell or loan out to pawn shops.

Take Out a Personal Loan

If you have good credit, you can take out a personal loan pretty much anywhere you can get personal loans from lenders. If you have less than great credit, it could be difficult for you to find a lender that gives fast cash while accepting poor credit. So, if your credit is a bit of a challenge, this probably is not a great way to get cash fast.

Rent Out Your Extra Rooms

If you have space in your home, you can rent out your extra rooms with room rental apps. Of course, you should do research on which apps will best fit you, your family, your lifestyle, and what space you are able to offer. Most room rental sites allow you to create your listings for free, but there will potentially be a certain percentage service fee when a reservation for your space is made. Make sure you read all terms and agreements before choosing an app to use when renting out your home or rooms.

Change Your Cell Phone Plan

Doing a little bit of research in cell phone plans could save you money, thereby putting extra cash in your hands. Looking into other cell phone plans that fit you and your family better will help you save money, especially if you aren’t using all of the data that is currently part of your phone plan. With a lot of companies, you can also bundle your cell plan, internet, and other utilities that your family uses.

Moonlight as a Pet Sitter

People with pets are always looking for a sitter if they are heading out of town. Pet sitters are more personable and trustworthy than putting animals in a boarding situation. So, pet owners want someone who will give time and energy directly to their pets. By offering yourself as a pet sitter or even putting your profile on a pet sitting website, you can start earning quick cash depending on how long the pet owner’s trips are. This is a fast way to earn cash but also a really fun one, especially if you love animals, which is probably a good idea if you plan on trying to pet sit.

Ask for Forbearance on Your Bills

If you look into which companies you are using for your utilities, you might find that some do not charge interest on late payments. Giving those creditors a call and figuring out if they will accept late payments and without late fees will give you the cash you need now to cover your emergency needs. Don’t forget to pay those bills later though!

Get a Cash Advance or Car Title Loan from Select Title Loan

Lastly, the easiest and quickest way to the money you need now, and without great credit, is to talk to the friendly financial professionals at Select Title Loans about getting a cash advance or car title loan. Car title loans are quick and easy to get; all you need to do is bring your vehicle in, your car title that is free of liens, and a government issued photo ID. Your vehicle will be quickly evaluated for value and a Select Title Loan team member will go over your budget and your monetary needs with you to figure out how much money you will borrow. Once approved, you will drive off in your own vehicle and Select Title Loans will hold on to your car title as collateral until the entirety of the loan is paid off.

Cash advances, also known as payday loans, let you take out money ahead of your typical payday, so you don’t have to wait to cash that check for some cash. Once you get paid, you can pay back the cash advance you borrowed.

Select Title Loans in Florence, AL is a low credit lender, so even if you don’t have good credit, or even if you have bad credit, you can get a car title loan or cash advance from our expert lending team.

Get the Cash You Need… Now!

Getting cash now can be a daunting task. Talking to the financial experts at Select Title Loans is easy and they are here to make your car title loan process easy and quick so you can be on your way and out the door. Do you want some more information on the benefits of getting a car title loan from Select Title Loans? Click here for more car title benefit information. If you are ready to get cash in your pocket today and ready to talk about getting a car title loan, start by filling out the online pre-approval application here. If you have some more questions about car title loans or the lending process, contact Select Title Loans.


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