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How Car Title Loans Can Help You Keep Your Home

How Car Title Loans Can Help You Keep Your Home

Car Title Loans are a Lifeline for Many Alabama Residents

use car title loans to avoid eviction

In these unprecedented times, don’t let your funds dry up. Get help fast with the convenience of title loans. Short-term loans from Select Title Loans are customized to fit your needs. We offer low credit lending and can assist you in getting the cash you need to help make your mortgage or rent payments. Don’t face the anxiety of mortgage debt recovery – our team of lenders will help you get the cash you need to keep your home. With an extension on the eviction moratorium up in the air, this is a concern for far too many Americans.

Understanding the National Eviction Moratorium

As it stands, eviction protections will end on December 31st. While there is talk of an extension, no federal law has been passed to ensure this happens. And even if it was, several states and municipalities ignored the first moratorium mandate and still allowed for evictions to happen.

Don’t be left without a home. Even with the protections set in place, landlords are still finding ways to get their tenants evicted. Many are refusing to renew leases and are finding ways to evict tenants for reasons other than the non-payment of rent.

While the eviction moratorium can help halt an eviction due to missed payments, it doesn’t stop your monthly rent or mortgage payments from piling up. Not only do you have months of previous payments to make, but you probably also have late fees slapped on top of that amount.

Plus, in order to even find protection under the moratorium, you have to fill out accompanying paperwork and a signed affidavit proving that you have experienced financial hardship and therefore cannot make payments on your rent or mortgage. Keep in mind that a landlord can challenge any information they’re given if they suspect the tenant is not being truthful.

Receiving Help When You Need it Most

If you find yourself in need, you can check out the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This website maintains a list of organizations according to state that can provide resources. Once you find the state of Alabama, you can check out their list of rent relief programs. These programs are regulated by the National Low Income Housing Association.

There are also several other tips we recommend if you find yourself in need of financial relief to keep your house:

Nonprofit 211.org can help you connect with essential community services and specific financial help for pandemic assistance. You can always reach them by calling 211 from your phone if the internet is not available.

This website is a nonprofit that helps tenants communicate with local organizations that can help you get some food on the table and pay some bills as well. This organization also helps with emergency housing assistance.

DoNotPay.com is a useful COVID-era financial relief tool that helps you identify laws, ordinances, and measures that cover rent and evictions based on a specific location. If you find that you are seriously behind on rent, it is wise to consult a lawyer so you can gain the knowledge needed to remedy the situation.

Consider downsizing
No one wants to move in the middle of the pandemic, but depending on the severity of your overdue payments, it may be a necessary consideration. If you cannot pay your current mortgage any longer, you can find a more affordable home or ask family and friends to lend you space in their home for the time being.

Ask your landlord or mortgage lender for help
Landlords and banks don’t have to be the bad guys in the story. They’re all human too and can be just as empathetic and compassionate, even if you don’t think they could be. All it takes is picking up the phone and explaining your financial hardship to them. Ask your landlord for a rent reduction if available, or see if your mortgage lender can offer you other payment options.

Car Title Loans Give You the Cash You Need

Nobody wants to lose the roof over their head. We at Select Title Loans understand that financial hardships happen to everyone. With a car title loan, you can get cash fast by offering your vehicle’s title as collateral. You can walk away with cash on the spot in as little as 30 minutes, and that money could be used for backlogged mortgage or rent payments. To learn more about the title loan application process, visit our location in Florence, AL or contact us today.


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