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Get Some Green with Check Advances

Get Some Green with Check Advances

Select Title Loans Check Advances Provide Fast Cash in Florence, AL

check advances for quick cash

Check advances go by many names – check advance loans, payday loans, cash advance loans, etc. Regardless of what you call them, check advances are a great way for people to get money quickly when they need it. Essentially, a check advance loan is a short-term loan that’s often much easier to receive than traditional loans. While there are many short-term lenders in Florence, Select Title Loans is your best choice for Alabama payday loans.

The term “check advances” is often used because the borrower is essentially getting an advance on their next paycheck, and when they get their next paycheck, they will repay this short-term loan. These loans are easier for borrowers to receive than loans from a traditional bank because they require less information, you don’t need collateral, and their approval isn’t dependent on your credit score.

Advantages of Check Advances

These loans are extremely useful for people for a variety of reasons. The first, and most relevant to today’s times, is that people can get these loans quickly. This is especially important during the pandemic, as many people continue to face financial uncertainty, and possibly unemployment. With the holiday season barely behind us, many people are finding themselves in dire financial situations thanks to increased holiday spending. Not only that, but many people have faced unexpected expenses this past year, which certainly impacts their bank balance.

Don’t let these temporary circumstances turn into long-term hardships. Check advances are a great way for you to get the money you need if your paycheck isn’t going to arrive in time for you to have access to the funds required to manage your expenses. Select Title Loans can help get quick cash so you can pay bills on time, or repay others who may have loaned you money. Payday loans better equip people to deal with the harsh realities that come with unexpected expenses.

An added benefit to short-term loans like a check advance is that they’re easy to get ahold of. People often go straight to a bank or other financial institution for a loan. However, individuals who’ve fallen on hard times may not qualify for a loan from a traditional lender. While banks are focused on payment history, money in your account, and credit history, short-term lenders in Florence who offer payday loans solve this issue because we look at a broader set of criteria to determine if someone can borrow money. At Select Title Loans, all we need to hand you cash on the spot is proof of steady employment and an ability to repay the advance.

Yet another benefit of these loans is that there is often less paperwork. When a person gets a traditional loan from a bank or another lender, they must fill out endless paperwork, which can be stressful, difficult, and time-consuming. However, with a simple check advance loan, people can simply show proof of employment and write a check. That process is much easier than people spending hours filling out paperwork.

Because we need minimal information to provide you with a paycheck advance, you can also receive these loans very quickly. You can walk away with cash within 20 minutes of walking into Florence, AL location. This is beneficial if you need quick cash for things like a surprise home repair, unexpected medical bills, paying off student loans, making timely bill payments, or recovering from excessive holiday spending.

How to Pay Back a Check Advance

Repaying a payday loan is just as simple as getting approved for one. Most low credit lenders that offer check advances, like Select Title Loans, only require that you hand them a check when you receive the loan and then pay them back either with a check or cash when you receive your next paycheck. This process is much simpler than the lengthy repayment process with most traditional lenders, which accrues thousands of dollars in interest over time.

Regardless of what you need the cash for, we’re here to help you get it fast. The ease of getting approved, the simplicity of paying the short-term loan back, and the speed at which you get the cash you need are all things that make check advance loans useful for anyone who’s fallen on financial hardship this past year. Contact us today or visit us at our Florence, AL location, located at 1203 N. Wood Avenue.


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