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Great Ways to Spend a Spare Grand in Florence, Alabama

Great Ways to Spend a Spare Grand in Florence, Alabama

When You Need Cash, Turn to a Car Title Loan

short term loans in Alabama

Getting spare cash is easy and quick at Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama. You don’t need to have great credit to get a short-term loan; you just need your car with a lien-free title and your government-issued photo ID.

With these in hand, you can get money to spend on something serious, like an unexpected bill, or something fun! Let’s brainstorm together what you could do if you had an extra $1,000, for example.

Pay Off College Tuition with Fast Cash

If you’re going to college, you know it isn’t cheap. If you still have some tuition that you owe for the semester, and your school is threatening to withhold your grades of next semester’s course registration, this would be a good time to pay off a nice chunk in the form of $1,000.

Make Small Home Improvements with a Florence Title Loan

Owning a home is great, but comes with some stresses. Whether you have an emergency maintenance issue or you just want to change out that ugly backsplash, having cash in hand now can help make those small adjustments to start turning your home into your dream home. Especially if you do-it-yourself, $1,000 can get quite a bit done around the house!

Boost Your Emergency Fund

Having an emergency fund is very important. Having an emergency fund right now is more important. You never know when something will arise, whether it’s a medical issue, a car issue, or as said before, a home maintenance problem, having an extra $1,000 can help alleviate some of that stress that inevitably comes with having an emergency. When you take out a car title loan, you can pay it back over the short-term. If you need cash in the emergency fund now and know you can pay off your loan quickly, it might not be a bad idea, especially if you’re anticipating needing emergency cash again in the near future.

Create a Checking Account Buffer

Having a little extra cash in the bank is just as important as boosting your emergency fund. By creating a checking account buffer, you’ll have cash in your account for any unexpected outings, grocery trip runs, or small self-care services like pedicures and facials.

Maybe your friend sprung a baby shower or an engagement party on you, and now you have to go buy a gift to bring – or plan it! This is where that checking account buffer comes in; you know you have the money to pay for it now. Not having to wait on the next pay period alleviates a ton of stress that pops up along with those other unexpected life situations. With cash from a car title loan from Select Title Loans, you can easily create a checking account buffer as a safety net.

Pay off Some Debt

Maybe you have debt other than your college tuition. By having an extra $1,000 right now, you can alleviate some medical bills, your mortgage, and even that credit card debt that doesn’t seem to go away, especially if you fear falling behind on payments, or if you owe extra from your forbearance ending. Paying that debt down opens your money up to other things in the future, like taking care of the rest of your bills on time or just treating yourself to a fancy meal and a pedicure.

Take Care of Your Bills by Taking Out a Car Title Loan

Paying bills is something we all have to do. Imagine paying off a few bills right now and devoting your paycheck to all the other expenses you have! With a car title loan today, you can do just that, and repay it after you’ve earned a few more paychecks. Car title loans are great choices for occasionally making up the difference you need between your bills and your income.

Protect Your Retirement Savings

Planning for your retirement is important. When you’re in need of cash, it can be tempting to withdraw some from your 401(k). However, you’ll have to pay a hefty penalty if you do this before you’re of-age to retire. With extra money from taking out a title loan, you can avoid mucking up your retirement savings so that you can be more financially fit when you’re ready to resign and relax in your golden years.

Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself can come in many forms. Investing in some online course to further your future in your job, taking time off work for mental health, or taking yourself on vacation are many ways to invest in yourself. With extra cash, this makes taking off work or taking some night classes very simple and stress free.

Mental health is often overlooked when it comes to investments. It shouldn’t be. Keeping your mental health… well, healthy, should be at the top of your to-do list. Just like grandma says, “If I don’t have my health, I don’t have anything.” Taking time off work or taking yourself on a short weekend vacation for a mental reset is just as important as planning for your retirement or paying down debt because it prevents burnout so you can keep hustling. Let Select Title Loans help.

Invest in Your Child’s Education

Now is the time more than ever to start investing in the future of your kids (if you have them or are going to have them, of course). By having extra cash in hand now, you can start getting a jumpstart on your kids’ future. Even if they choose to not further their education, saving now for them helps in other aspects of their lives including schooling, a retirement fund, or even buying their own house.

You may also need to upgrade your family’s computer system or purchase other school supplies, particularly if your child is participating in virtual learning this school year. If this is the case, a car title loan can help you afford these big-ticket items and pay them off over time.

How Does a Car Title Loan Work?

Now that you have a few ideas of how a spare $1,000 could help you, let’s discover how a car title loan actually works.

Car title loans are the perfect short-term loan option when you need a small amount of cash, even if you don’t have good credit. Unlike traditional bank loans, where you might be secretly judged for needing to borrow as little as a couple hundred dollars, car title loans use your vehicle as collateral, rather than holding your credit score for ransom.

You simply need to prove that you own your car outright and possess a lien-free title to it, and you can borrow money against the value of your vehicle. In this way, your car becomes the collateral for the loan.

Our friendly loan experts will evaluate your car while you complete a super quick application, which you can even do in advance online. Your loan value that you will receive is based on your cash needs, your budget, and the value of your vehicle. Once everything is approved, you will walk out of our store with your cash in hand and drive away in your own car.

Repaying the loan is also a very simple process. You will repay your loan within 30 or 60 days, as stated in the contract. If you need longer than the contract’s allotted time to repay, you have the option to renew and extend your repayment period. Once your loan is completely repaid, you will receive your car title back, and that’s it. How easy is that?

Why Get a Short-Term Loan from Select Title Loans?

You have a lien-free car title, and you have the budget to pay back the loan. So, why wouldn’t you take out a short-term loan when you need the extra cash?

A car title loan from Select Title Loans is a hassle-free and quick solution to get the cash you need right away. We don’t know a single person who couldn’t benefit from having a way to obtain money when they need it; keep Select Title Loans in the back of your mind for those times when you do.

Get Your Cash Advance Today and Fast

Visit Select Title Loans, located at 1203 N. Wood Avenue in Florence, Alabama during our business hours to talk to one of our loan professionals. Or, if you have questions, contact us online or over the phone at 256-767-2100 to learn how you can get money quickly. We’re ready to help you get the cash you need; we’re looking forward to working for you.


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