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How to Pay Your Bills with No Money in the Bank This Fall

How to Pay Your Bills with No Money in the Bank This Fall

A Florence, Alabama Car Title Loan Will Cover Expenses You Accrue

pay bills with title loan

It’s the time of year when the expenses start to add up. It starts with back-to-school costs, and then moves into the holidays, and those are just the controllable expenses. With the bills and list of daily necessities you must buy flooding in, you find yourself looking for some sort of relief and assistance.

If you had to stretch your paycheck to make ends meet because of COVID-19, you are especially familiar with how tight money has been this year. Getting a car title loan from Select Title Loans can help you get relief from surprise bills, seasonal expenses, or important purchases.

School Expenses Covered with a Title Loan

In Florence, Alabama, school looks a little different this year, but that doesn’t change the list of supplies that your student will need to succeed. Making sure your child has everything they need for school is a way to help make the year feel as normal as possible.

Especially if you have multiple children in your care, you’re probably going to spend quite a bit of money over the course of the school year, especially if your students need technology, like laptops or tablets. One computer just won’t cut it, so you’ll need to get enough so every child has one.

A used laptop is much more affordable than a new one, but even so, you could still be looking at up to $800 for just one, depending on the brand and its specs. This cost doesn’t even include standard software your child may need, like a word processing program or slideshow creator. You may also need help with covering the cost of traditional, basic school supplies, like notebooks, folders, art supplies, and more.

If you have older students, college preparation tests, textbooks, and tuition and fees are even more pricey than your students in elementary and middle school will face. Scholarships sometimes don’t even begin to cover tuition and fees, but you know the value of an education and will do anything to make sure your child gets one! If you have a tuition bill due, but don’t have quite enough money to cover it, a quick cash loan can help you as your student takes the next step in their process of lifelong learning.

Pay Down Holiday Expenses Using a Bad Credit Loan

With holidays just around the corner, you’re bound to spend more money than you normally would with your monthly budget. And we have three big ones right in a row: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

For Halloween, you might want to decorate your house so make the holiday more special for your children, whose trick or treat outing may be quite different this year, thanks to the novel coronavirus. If you’re still planning on going door-to-door or participating in some other form of socially-distant Halloween, a costume is a necessity. If you aren’t creative and crafty, you will need to buy a costume, which can cost you upwards of $50 per child, depending on the kind of goblin, ghoul, princess, or hero they choose to be.

For Thanksgiving, not only do you have to plan for the expense of a traditional family dinner, but you may also need to decorate your dinner table or travel to meet up with other family members. With gas exceeding two dollars a gallon in most places across the country this fall, filling your tank will cost you a pretty penny!

And finally, the pièce de résistance: Christmas or Hanukkah. The tree, the menorah, the lights, the gifts … all must have the sparkle and glow we expect of these holidays. If you’re hosting any sort of festive event, planning to give gifts to the people who mean the most to you, or intend to enjoy a vacation over the winter holidays, then you can anticipate some long shopping receipts with multiple-digit totals at the bottom of them. Suffice it to say that you’ll be spending a lot regardless of how thrifty you are. Just this one holiday can leave your financials in a mess!

The good news is that even procrastinators who have bad credit can get fast cash for the holidays with a car title loan. There are very few requirements you’ll have to meet to be approved, and most people walk out of Select Title Loans within 20 minutes of applying, cash in hand.

You Can Afford Unplanned Home Expenses

Home repairs fall under the uncontrollable expenses category. While you can rarely predict exactly when something in your home will break down or need professional help, you can do what you can to put a few dollars into savings each month to pay for these important fixes. And, if you perform proper maintenance on your HVAC equipment, appliances, gutters, roof, and more, you can hopefully mitigate any major expense before they ever occur.

When you can’t predict the future, or despite your best efforts, something is horribly broken, a car title loan can get you the money you need to pay for the repair and get on with your life. Or, you can use a car title loan to pay for those important maintenance tasks, like calling an HVAC specialist to service your furnace before you turn it on, and having your chimney cleaned before it’s fireplace season. And should an accident happen, like a tree limb falling on your house, a car title loan can be there for you to pay an arborist to remove any additional dangerous branches from your property.

They say prevention is the best medicine, but you’ve without a doubt seen someone do everything right and still get punishing amounts of bills piled onto them. When prevention fails, a Florence, Alabama car title loan prevails.

How to Get a Car Title Loan in Alabama

Conquer your finances this holiday season and beyond with a fast, easy, and convenient car title loan from Select Title Loans in Florence. Get your fast cash the same day, and take out as little money as you need, or as much as you can be approved for.

And qualifying for one of these short-term loans is so easy. You don’t even need a good credit score for us to approve you. All you need to show us is:

  • Your vehicle
  • The clear car title to that vehicle, in your name
  • Your driver’s license
  • Your proof of income

We promise we’ll never check your credit, and our loan experts can walk you through every step of the process to make sure you understand all your options.

So go ahead! Start planning for the holidays and know that Select Title Loans has your back. Contact us today if you have any questions, then visit us on N. Wood Ave. to apply for one of our fast and easy bad credit loans.


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