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Five Ways to Use a Payday Loan in Florence, Alabama

Five Ways to Use a Payday Loan in Florence, Alabama

Check Advances Put Money In Your Hands Today

What happens when the money from your current paycheck runs out? Short-term loans like check advances and payday loans can help you pay surprise bills or make important, timely purchases. These two services from Select Title Loans have easy-to-understand processes and give you cash today.

What you do with your payday loan is up to you, but here at Select Title Loans, these are five of the most common reasons that we see for people borrowing money. If these situations don’t apply to you, but you need money, you’re welcome to use your payday loan for that, too! There are no limits on what you can do when you take out a check advance loan with us.

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Payday Loans to Buy a New Computer

If you’re a college student, or you rely on your personal laptop or tablet to make money, what do you do when your favorite piece of technology breaks down? It’s an especially big problem when you’re short on the cash required to purchase a new one.

A short-term check advance loan can help you purchase a new computer or other device so you don’t miss out on your studies or remote work.

Check Advances to Pay Medical Bills in Collections

It usually isn’t our fault when we get hurt or sick. But when it comes to making the choice between staying at home and hoping you heal, or visiting a doctor to get treatment, finances can be the key player in how you make that decision. And unfortunately, no one has ever heard of a cheap medical bill!

Getting a check advance from your next paycheck means your medical debt won’t get sent into collections and negatively affect your credit score. You simply pay back your check advance loan when you get paid and get debt collectors off your back today.

Short-Term Loans for Emergency Car Repairs

In Florence, Alabama, most everyone relies on vehicles of some type to get around. Many people would argue that a car is a necessity here, to get to work, school, and everywhere in between. But when your car randomly breaks down and leaves you stranded, you need money to pay the mechanic to get your vehicle running again.

Like medical bills, car repairs are never cheap. But unlike medical bills, the mechanic probably won’t let you defer your bill – or even let you leave with your car – without lots of discussions and promises made.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and get financing from a reputable community lender like Select Title Loans to pay for your car repair, instead of writing an I.O.U. to someone who amounts to a stranger! Select Title Loans has been in business since 1998, and we’ve stayed around because our valued customers refer their friends and families to us. They trusted us for years when they need help to get out of financial binds.

Check Advances for Important Wedding-Related Purchases

You’d never want to let your best friend down. So what if you were asked to be an important member of your friend’s wedding party? And what if participating meant dropping a bundle of money on a bridesmaid’s dress or groomsman’s tuxedo, as well as participating in their bachelor or bachelorette parties, and buying the new married couple an awesome gift?

Weddings are expensive, even for people who aren’t even getting married! And a special occasion dress can run you upwards of $200, not to mention the cost of pitching in toward a memorable party to commemorate the end of singledom!

If you’ve been asked to participate in your friend’s big day, and it’s time to order your outfit or to pay for whatever else you’re being asked to buy, but you don’t have cash, visit Select Title Loans. We can get you the money you need in as little as 20 minutes and potentially save your friendship!

Payday Loans to Sign an Apartment Lease

Looking for a new place to live? Signing a lease on an apartment is an exciting time, but it also costs a lot of money. In some areas, you can pay as much as three months of rent upfront – first and last month’s rent, plus a month’s rent worth of security deposit!

It pays to act fast when it comes to real estate, and renting is no different. If you waited until your paycheck to come in, you might miss out on the perfect home for you. If you’re not quite there financially but need to sign a lease today, a payday loan can help you with that.

Who Qualifies for a Payday Loan in Florence, Alabama?

In short, anyone with an income and an active bank account can qualify for a payday loan! At Select Title Loans, we don’t consider your credit score, nor do we report your loans to any national credit bureau.

Instead, we give you a loan based on your ability to pay it back. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to get the money they need to enjoy their lives, and a payday loan is one of the ways we can make that happen.

What Do I Need to Bring To Get My Payday Loan?

To apply for a check advance loan in Florence, Alabama, you will need to bring:

  • A government-issued photo ID, such as your driver’s license.
  • Proof of your open and active checking account, such as a bank statement.
  • Your most recent pay stub.
  • A personal check (depending on how you’ll need to structure your loan with us).

Get Cash Now from Select Title Loans

If you’re ready to get the money you need to pay for an important bill or make a meaningful purchase, Select Title Loans is here to help you today. Visit us on N. Wood Ave. in Florence, Alabama, or contact us online to get started.


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