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Tips to Upgrade Your Home Office

Tips to Upgrade Your Home Office

A Short-Term Loan Can Create Your Dream Office

In March, millions of Americans faced a serious change in the way they work after being asked to work from home to help slow the spread of Covid-19. Office workers hauled home their computer equipment and bundles of cables and set them up on their dining room tables, not knowing for how long their temporary situation would last.

By now, if you are one of those workers, you have realized your home is woefully unprepared for your remote work. The convenience of working from home came with what feels like a financial punishment. You’re unable to use rooms in your home as intended, and desperately need to set up a work area that is quiet, separate from the rest of the house, and has the furniture and space to accommodate your computer and other office equipment.

Alternatively, maybe your employer is ready to have all their team members work remotely and use technology to collaborate efficiently. In that case, you’ll still need to create an area of your home where you can concentrate and do your job without interruptions or discomfort from having the wrong furniture set up in your office. Remote work is an option we’ll likely see more and more often as employers look to eliminate overhead costs, like renting or buying office space.

Either way, if you need a home office today, but you don’t have the finances to pay for it outright, consider a car title loan to help fund your new digs. The possibilities are endless when you get a short-term loan from Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama.

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What Do I Need in a Home Office?

Ultimately, the furniture you need for your home office depends greatly on your work. What should you consider purchasing to create the best home office possible?

A desk. When you think about your desk at your regular office, you probably recall tall cubicle walls between you and your officemates. Cubicle desks come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s not likely you’ll be outfitting your home with a cubicle! Instead, you have free reign to choose a desk to suit your needs.

Do you need a large, executive desk for your computer and paperwork? Or perhaps a small desk to tuck away in the corner of your living room? Evaluate your needs before shopping for a desk. Don’t fall in love with only aesthetics; consider function, too! Looks are important, but a desk that works for you is a better option than a cool-looking desk.

A chair. The right chair can make or break you. OK, it won’t literally break your back, but the wrong chair can certainly leave you feeling sore and stiff after a day at work. Don’t skimp on a chair purchase; it’s perhaps the most important component of your workspace! A quality chair supports your body ergonomically and is adjustable to fit your height and leg length. An ergonomic office chair can help reduce body aches and pains. A cheap task chair might not support you the way you’d like, but it will certainly be easier on your wallet. You have to decide whether it’s worth it to you to have a really excellent seat to sit in for eight hours a day, or if you’d rather use that money for another component of your new home office.

Storage furniture. If you have any paper files to go through – a rarity in the modern office – you might consider a filing cabinet system to keep your work organized and safe from prying eyes, especially if you work with confidential information. Typical metal filing cabinets are certainly widely available for purchase, but some filing cabinets are designed to look like regular, beautiful end tables while hiding away hanging folders.

If you have additional materials to store, consider a credenza. A credenza is a piece of furniture that usually sits parallel to your desk, on the back wall of your office. It’s size makes it perfect for storing extra office supplies, or setting a printer or landline phone on top of it. Credenzas are most often found in executive-style offices, so if you fancy yourself someone important, you might want to get a credenza to complete your home office set-up!

A chair pad or area rug. If your home office space has wood floors, you will want to use a chair pad or area rug to protect your floor from rolling chair wheels. These wheels can scratch up and permanently damage your floor. With a layer of protection between the wheels and your floor, you can help make sure you aren’t creating even more expenses later as you refinish your floors.

White noise machine. If you’re working from home, but finding that the noises of everyday life, like children home from school, or perhaps your partner working in another room, are interrupting you in your office, you can consider purchasing a white noise machine. This small machine plugs into any standard wall outlet and emits white noise to help drown out distracting sounds.

Office equipment. Gone are the days you can stroll lazily to the printer to chat with a nearby coworker while you wait for the machine to spit out your documents. Now, when you need to print, you’re going to need your own compact printer. Depending on the size and quality of printer you purchase, you might need to spend more than $100! But you can’t skimp on printer quality if you need print-outs in your line of work. A multi-function printer can also scan documents for you to send to your coworkers, especially helpful if you must sign off on paperwork in your supervisory role.

How Can a Title Loan Near Me Pay for My New Office?

If you’re low on funds but in need of a new office set-up at home, a car title loan can get you the cash to pay for your new furniture and equipment. Plus, title loans are easy to get, no matter what your credit score is.

Our Florence, Alabama car title loan company does not check your credit score. Instead, they use your car title as collateral. Because of this, you must have a clean car title to take out a short-term loan with select Title Loans.

Our simple loan application form takes into account the value of your car, your ability to repay the loan, and the amount of money you need. Once you’re approved – and almost everyone is – you’ll walk out with cash and your car keys in your hand. Because we use your car title as collateral, a low-interest title loan can save you money over traditional financing.

To see how we can help you upgrade your home office, call our office at 256-767-2100 or visit our website to learn more.


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