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5 Ideas for Home Projects to Get Started On

5 Ideas for Home Projects to Get Started On

As any homeowner can attest, there is always a project to be done that will make your home a better place. Such projects range from big to small and expensive to inexpensive. There’s the proverbial Clark Griswold backyard pool, and then there is the not-so-exciting but necessary gutter shields. Home projects don’t have to be expensive and can pay great dividends in both living quality and home equity.

No matter what project you pick, it is going to require money. Since most people don’t have a generous rich uncle or piles of cash lying around, focus on projects that you can get completed with your budget. Think about the kind of projects an average person can take on with commonly-available resources and funding opportunities. Thankfully, there are many short-term loan options in Florence, Alabama, for funding that home project. One such option is a car title loan from Select Title Loans.

Can I Fund a Home Project with a Car Title Loan Near Me?

Car Title Loan Near Me

A car title loan works by using your car as collateral to back a short-term loan. The borrower needs a car that is fully paid for that can be leveraged to support the loan. It’s an easy process where you provide proof of car ownership (specifically a clean title) for a car, truck, or motorcycle in your possession. After that, it’s a matter of showing other common loan support, such as proof of employment and references.

Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama, is lenient about checking your credit history and caters to those with no or bad credit as well as those with stellar credit histories. In most cases, the borrower presents the title and the vehicle in its current condition, does some quick paperwork, and secures funding for whatever reason, like household repairs and projects.

Deciding on a Home Project

Having secured the funding, attention turns to what project is the best bang for your buck. Since car title loans in Alabama usually range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, this is a starting point for making the decision. There are so many projects possible, it is best if you choose just a couple you can pay for with your car title loan.

In deciding on a home project, a balance needs to be struck between the practical and the desirable. That is, one should think about things that are not only fun, but can also add value to the home’s equity. For example, a home cinema room might be lots of fun, but it may not improve the value of the house for that eventual re-sale. Conversely, gutter shields may be highly practical, but they are not the kind of thing that makes a homebuyer want to run for the checkbook. It is a personal decision that needs careful consideration.

Below are five equity-friendly possibilities that can start the decision process.

Five Ideas for Attainable and Enriching Home Projects

No. 1: Privacy Fence

If there is a “can’t lose” possibility, it is the privacy fence. Most people live in a neighborhood of some sort where privacy and security are highly valued. Everyone likes the feeling of having a fence that not only protects one’s privacy, but also adds an element of security. This is particularly true for pet owners. Quality privacy fences have a great return-on-investment and can increase your property’s value.

No. 2: The Backyard Deck

While the price of a deck can get beyond the reach of a car title loan if you go for the highest-end materials, it can be tastefully accomplished at a reasonable price, particularly for those that have some DIY skills. Generally, it can be done for a few thousand dollars, depending on size and materials. This is a small price to pay for holding birthday parties and neighborhood barbeques that build lasting memories in your backyard on your brand-new deck. This is another investment that adds to the value of your home when it’s time to sell.

No. 3: Interior Home Improvements

When it comes to updating the interior of your home, the possibilities are endless. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint or an updated light fixture can do to set off a room. There are so many things that can be done inside a home that are low-cost and add value. These include things like modernizing a fireplace, adding trim or crown molding, resurfacing countertops, finishing a room in your basement, laying new carpet, and more. The little things add up to big payoffs in comfortable living and building home equity.

No. 4: Remodeling the Kitchen

Many realtors will say that home sales begin and end in the kitchen. A nice kitchen is a must-have for many people. Like most home projects, the possibilities in the kitchen are many. To most, it may be replacing the appliances, countertops, sink, and flooring. This can be done within the bounds of a car title loan, and the results can add great value to a home in terms of equity as well as greatly improving living conditions.

No. 5: Entry Door Replacement

Installing a new door is a simple and often overlooked project that can provide great value and curb appeal when selling a home. It is the first thing people see, and it makes a lasting impression. For a couple hundred bucks, a steel door can improve the looks, energy efficiency, and the security of a home. It’s a simple thing, but an important addition that should be considered. To protect your gorgeous wooden doors from the weather, you could also consider installing storm doors, another inexpensive investment that has a big effect on your home’s looks.

The list of home improvement projects you can complete with funds from a car title loan is a long one. It boils down to taking a look at what can add value to the property and what would benefit you and your family the most. It may be a mix of things listed above, or other like landscaping additions or enlarging the driveway to accommodate your children’s playtime. The best choice is finding that project or projects that add value to the home as well as value to one’s daily life.

Fund your next home improvement project with a car title loan from Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama. Come see us at 1203 N. Wood Avenue to get the cash you need.


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