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Can You Get Title Loans Online in Alabama?

Can You Get Title Loans Online in Alabama?

Alabama Title Loans — Fast Cash without Any Hassle

We all have times in our lives where an injection of cash over the short term can be a lifesaver. Perhaps there’s a home repair that’s desperately needed, a car insurance bill is due, or an unexpected medical expense drained you of your day-to-day funds. Every week, hundreds of people turn to Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama for fast money with no strings attached.

What is a title loan? A title loan is one type of loan that can quickly get you cash without a problem. Car title loans in Alabama are available to anyone who owns a car outright. You’ve been diligent and worked hard to put all that value into an asset — your car — and now it’s time to take advantage of that.

Title Loans Online in Alabama

Why are title loans so popular? Car title loans can get you up to $5,000 immediately, you get to keep your car, and you repay the loan at a low-interest rate. It’s obvious why Florence, Alabama title loans have become increasingly popular and Select Title Loans is the title loan provider of choice for so many Alabamians.

Getting a Car Title Loan Online

If you choose Select Title Loans, much of the legwork can be done online from the comfort of your own home. Firstly, we offer a calculator that you can use to estimate how much you’ll be able to borrow. Fill in your car’s make, model, and year, and we’ll instantly advise how much you might be able to borrow today.

Of course, the vehicle will still need to be evaluated at the dealership and we’ll only be able to loan the full amount if you can demonstrate you have the ability to repay the loan, but most of our visitors find that the quote they’re given on our website is accurate.

The actual application can also be done online so you’ll spend even less time at our office. We really advise all applicants to fill in the online info sheet application on our website as it includes everything you need to supply us with to get your loan. It’s better to fill in all the details at home, so you’re able to find documentation and details of employment when you need to. It saves you coming into Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama having forgotten a vital piece of information.

Finally, should you have any questions about the title loan process we offer a comprehensive FAQ section that will likely answer your query. If you still have anything you’d like to go over, you can contact us using the contact form and we’ll get back to by email.

Is Everything Confidential?

Despite car title loans being widespread in use, most people prefer to keep their financial dealings a secret. Many of our customers prefer to handle most of the process online and simply come to the loan office for the short vehicle inspection we perform. We welcome all customers at Select Title Loans.

We also take extra steps to ensure your personal details are kept safe and private. The details of loans taken out through Select Title Loans never leave our offices. We never sell personal details or pass on details of customers to a third party. We don’t discuss your title loan or financial position with anyone.

Do I Need to Have a Good Credit Score to Get a Car Title Loan Online?

One of the reasons people come to Select Title Loans is because they don’t have a good credit score. Because they don’t have a good credit score, they find it difficult to borrow money through traditional means. Banks turn them away because they don’t have a home to secure a loan against or a huge salary.

Title loans fill that gap in the market for people who own real property (in this case a vehicle) that they can use for collateral for a loan. Because you own your car outright, we know that you have the value to back up any loan you take from us. Therefore, we don’t perform a credit check and the whole process is a lot simpler.

What Type of Car Do I Need to Get an Alabama Title Loan?

As advised above, we offer an online tool that will give you an estimate of how much you can borrow based on your car’s make, model, and year. The car’s condition will play a part in how much you’re able to borrow too, but we’re willing to accept almost any vehicle as collateral for a secured title loan.

For example, we’re happy to offer a title loan on a vehicle with expired car tags. If your car has been in an accident, we’ll still offer you a loan — as long as the vehicle is still drive-able. In fact, many people take out a car title loan to pay for the repairs on their vehicle after a fender bender!

Even if you don’t have car insurance, we’re able to offer you a loan. You do need to be at least 19 years old and the car title must be in your name. The car title must not have any other liens on it. This means that if you haven’t already fully repaid financing on your car, you won’t be able to get a title loan. Similarly, if you’ve already taken out a title loan on your car, you can’t take out another one until the first loan has been approved.

The Simplest, Fastest, Easiest Way to Get Cash Fast in Alabama

For those who have had credit troubles in the past but also own a car outright, car title loans are the obvious choice for getting a lot of money in a short period of time. Get in touch with Select Title Loans online and we’ll show you just how quickly and easily you can have a large sum of money in your hand today.


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