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Looking For a Short Term Loan in Alabama? Consider a Title Loan

Looking For a Short Term Loan in Alabama? Consider a Title Loan

Where Can I Get a Short Term Loan in Florence, Alabama?

Title loans from Select Title Loans are the perfect way to get out of a bind and set oneself back on the path to greater financial flexibility. A title loan is ideal in the case of unexpected expenses, which can tend to pop up here and there for just about everybody.

Regardless of how well you have budgeted, the expenses that come up have a great way of setting you back. That does not have to happen anymore, not if a title loan in Florence, Alabama is utilized to obtain some quick cash to cover the expenses. Whether it is a leaking water pipe or an out-of-control electric bill, a title loan is a perfect way to address the expenses.

Short Term Loan in Alabama

Where Do We Start?

At Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama, you can bring a photo ID and a lien-free title and walk away with the money needed to cover whatever expenses may be. The title of the vehicle is used as collateral in this case.

It really is as simple as it sounds, too. The title loan on a lien-free vehicle will get you some cash without having to bother with piles of paperwork or futile credit checks.

The title loans amounts can range greatly, from $150 to even $5,000, depending on the vehicle’s value and the applicant’s ability to pay back the loan.

It is designed to be hassle-free and easy, and all credit types are accepted without a credit check. In less than 20 minutes, the problems can be solved with quick and available money, and the vehicle used is still allowed to be driven off the lot. The title is a mere placeholder.

There are convenient locations throughout Alabama for those in need of a title loan at Select Title Loans.

Our Reliable Reputation

Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama stands as a business with a strong reputation and the longevity to give our clients peace of mind. We have been doing business in the area for almost 20 years. The store opened in 1998, and we have always been friendly and flexible with our clients ever since. The customer service is top-notch, and Select Title Loans is open late hours to make it easy for anyone to find a time to stop by and obtain a title loan.

What is the Title Loan Process?

The process is three steps really. The first step is to bring in the vehicle and its lien-free title, along with a photo ID. Step two is just filling out the application while the car is inspected to determine its value as collateral. The final step is approval, wherein the cash is obtained and the car in question is driven off by its owner.

This is a great short-term solution and is the quickest way to obtain a large sum of money without having to sell off precious possessions. Given that there is no credit check nor wait, peace of mind can be restored quickly, even if the applicant needs a large sum of money —since some title loans range up to $5,000 in value.

The loans are structured on a 30-day renewable contract, wherein Select Title Loans in Florence, Alabama holds the title rights until the loan is repaid, but the car remains in the possession of its true owner.

The fact that no credit check is required means that just about every person with a decent vehicle can qualify. The loans can be used to fix a major appliance, pay college tuition, settle an overdue bill, to pay a speeding ticket, cover a major medical expense, or even to cover accident expenses on another vehicle.

Why Take a Title Loan?

Whether the money is needed to cover such expenses or just “float” a person until payday, it is much smarter than employing a cash advance, which usually comes with a nasty interest rate for its applicant. The title loan, conversely, only holds the title of the car until the applicant can pay back the sum of money. It makes so much sense to obtain funds this way that anyone would be nearly silly not to consider Select Title loans to cover major expenses.

Special Prices on a Financial Bailout Available to Almost Everybody

Select Title Loans also has some specials available. Often, one can obtain a 0% interest loan for 30 days, which requires no payments made for the first 60 days. These loans are also available to those in neighboring states, such as Tennessee. It is only required that the applicant lives within 80 miles of a given Select Title Loans office.

Once the loan is paid off, the title is returned to the applicant and the slate is cleared. This method can be employed repeatedly, which continues to provide that peace of mind that Select Title Loans is able to “bail one out” of whatever circumstances may happen to arise in this unpredictable life.

Another caveat is that one does not need car insurance to get the loan, which means to some, that a vehicle that is not insured (or even driven) can still be used. The car tags can be expired, and that is actually one reason some employ the title loan — to afford tag renewal fees.

It is required that the applicant is at least 19 years of age, and some of those younger applicants have no credit history — which is also not a problem in any way whatsoever. The vehicle is the collateral, and one’s financial past is not held against him or her in employing the vehicle as collateral.

Are Title Loans Private?

All information is kept strictly confidential and never will Select Title Loans sell any personal information nor provide it to third-party callers on the phone or in person. This anonymity is a huge relief to many, as the information Select Title Loans obtains is kept private, as it should be.


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